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Our Story

Strategic Plan

As the 2023-2024 school year is now in session, EB has officially begun the process of developing a comprehensive new five-year Strategic Plan. 

The Strategic Plan process is led by a Steering Committee (see below), which meets once a month to brainstorm collaboratively under the guidance of school strategist, Ian Symmonds. Over the course of the school year, the Committee, supported by crucial feedback from the EB community, will be responsible for developing long-term goals with several pillars to guide the school for the next five years. 

A strategic plan is critical for schools to guide decision-making, set priorities, and achieve long-term goals. It provides a clear roadmap for the future, outlining the school's mission, vision, and values and the strategies and action steps needed to achieve them. A well-crafted strategic plan will help EB respond proactively to changes in the educational landscape.

We look forward to manifesting another new chapter of possibility and excellence for EB in strong partnership with our entire community. 


The Steering Committee is comprised of a diverse group of ten faculty, staff, parents and Trustees*:

  • Valla Vakili (Steering Committee Chair, Board Co-Chair, Parent- Preschool/Preschool)
  • Sébastien Robert (Head of School, Parent- Middle School/EB graduate)
  • Ghessycka Bennett (Parent- Preschool/Lower School/EB graduate)
  • Mei-Lin Ha Byers (Director of Development & Communications, Alum, Parent- Preschool)
  • Pria Hidisyan (Board Co-Chair, Parent- Middle School/EB graduate)
  • Erik Marinovich (Parent- Lower School/Lower School)
  • Xavier Quan (Trustee, Alum, Parent- Preschool/Preschool
  • Sylvie Thomas-Droz (MS English Math teacher, Parent- Middle School/EB graduate)
  • Veronica Volny (Parent- Lower School/EB graduate, International Track)
  • Simona Zompi (Parent- Lower School, Accelerated French Program)

* Committee members' titles and children grade levels listed for 2023-2024 school year.

2018-2023 Strategic Plan

EB’s last completed Strategic Plan (2018-2023) focused on three objectives: Deepen the Program, Advance the School, and Enhance our Finances and Facilities. Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, EB has completed 90% of the goals laid out in the plan as of today. 

This plan has had a tremendous impact on the experience of our students and families through the development of new programs and pedagogical methods, the upgrades made to both of our campuses, and the enhancement of our faculty and staff compensation. We are proud of these achievements and how supportive our community has been every step of the way.

All Are Welcome! (Anti-Discriminatory Policy)

Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley does not exclude from participation in, deny the benefits of, or subject any individual to discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or religion. This policy applies to all programs, services, and facilities, including applications, admissions, and employment.