Welcome to the Lower School

In Elementary school, our students find the guidance to grow intellectually and socially and start developing as individuals in a structured and nurturing environment.

Our approach to bilingual instruction opens up exciting opportunities in developing critical-thinking skills and moving our students from concrete observations to abstract reasoning. An important element of this journey is to understand how one learns, according to one’s unique abilities and talent, and to acquire strong study habits, two fundamental elements of the French Curriculum.

Language development is at the core of our elementary school. In order to become bilingual, children need to experience the many dimensions of language (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in both languages in a motivating, safe and nurturing environment that first draws from their daily experience to expand to the world at large with the exploration and acquisition of increasingly complex concepts. We strive to give our two languages of instruction an equal status, with a great emphasis on oral language acquisition as a tool for communication, expressing thoughts and ultimately acquiring an academic language for describing, explaining and justifying. This practice will open the door to the mastery of reading and writing from exploration in the earlier grades, to a level of mastery that will lead to independent learning.

Our elementary school teachers are extremely experienced, skilled and dedicated to the development of their students. Our elementary classroom teachers average 18 years of experience at the school. They work in teams to deliver a curriculum that is engaging, meaningful and differentiated for all types of learners. They are working constantly on making important connections between subject matters to help our students make sense of their learning.

By the end of Primary School (preschool to grade 5), our students have acquired an awareness of themselves and others, they understand the basics of ethical behavior and appreciate that our world is made of many cultures, ways of life and point of views, all skills that define our students as global citizens. Children will be ready to access discrete subject material by having acquired a sound foundation in reading, writing and mathematics, as well as solid notions of science, social studies and an appreciation for the arts. We feel confident that they will use this foundation to pursue their academic engagement in English and French in Middle School and beyond.

Thierry Durandard

Elementary School Head