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Special Funds

Endowment & Capital Campaign

EB’s Endowment Fund was established in 2003 and serves to provide a long term source of financial stability for the school. We ask all families to make a gift to the Endowment Fund at least once during their tenure at EB. In addition, every seven to ten years, EB will launch a capital campaign to raise funds for a specific major project, to provide a transformational impact for our students. We will ask all stakeholders to participate in a capital campaign. The Annual Fund allows us to sustain our wonderful program, while capital campaigns give us the means to grow, and the Endowment enables us to plan for the future.


EB has been blessed with generous donors who value the long-term sustainability and health of the school. These gifts make up EB’s Endowment, which currently comprises three separate funds. If you would like to make a donation to the The Fund for Excellence, please contact the Development Team at developmentteam@eb.org

List of 3 items.

  • The Silver Jubilee Endowment Fund

    This fund was created in 2003 by one of EB’s founders in celebration of the school’s 25th anniversary. Since then the fund has grown through the generosity of founding families, alumni families, and additional donors.
  • The EB Class Gift to the Endowment Fund

    In 2008, the idea of the class gift, dedicated to EB’s Endowment, was born. For the last eight years, the parents and students of the graduating class have continued this legacy, contributing generously to this fund. Every year, an alumni family offers a matching grant tied to student fundraising. The purpose of these two funds is to provide a source of permanent financial security for the school.
  • The Fund for Excellence

    Most recently, in 2015, an alumni family established the Fund for Excellence. Allocations from this fund will support specific expenses intended to enhance the educational experience of EB students. 

Sébastien Robert, Head of School

EB was founded by exceptional people with an unwavering vision for a language immersion school to foster bilingual and bicultural individuals. When we look at the amazing achievements of our school's past, we realize that this shared vision has created an enduring legacy. The Endowment Fund perpetuates this legacy. This Fund will help retain exceptional teachers, allow us to invest in our facilities, and deliver on our mission of academic excellence by providing more opportunities for professional growth for our faculty. The Endowment is about how we shape our school's future to ensure EB's educational offering will continue to flourish for decades to come.

Capital Campaigns

At critical points in the growth and development of the school, the Head of School and Board of Trustees will initiate a fundraising campaign necessary to strengthen our academic programs and improve our facilities. These projects fall outside of the operating budget and are investments in the future of Ecole Bilingue.

Campaigns typically last three to five years: families will be asked to support at least one campaign over the course of their time at EB. EB's last campaign, the Campus Campaign: Our Moment, was completed in 2014, raising 2.8 million dollars for the expansion and renovation of the outdoor playground and learning environment. Since then, hundreds of students have benefited from the improved outdoor space, double the original in size:

  • A turf field allows space for PE, recess, aftercare and all kinds of ball play
  • Basketball courts provide room for sports, as well as lunch for the students, and community space during events
  • The outdoor amphitheater is a central hub for events, as well as student performances, graduations, and recess karaoke
  • The seasonal creek and boat give our students a space for creative play and allows their imaginations (and rainboots) to run wild
  • The outdoor classroom grants teachers flexibility in running their classes, and is a popular small group hangout area
The outdoor yard was crucial to allowing EB to keep its doors open and continue welcoming students during the pandemic. We are grateful for the foresight of our Board of Trustees at the time and for the generosity of our community.

EB's next campaign is on the horizon as we look to keep improving and growing. In starting to plan, it may be helpful to understand how campaign gifts differ from annual giving in several notable ways:

  • Campaign gifts are restricted to a specific use while annual giving is unrestricted (for use as the school deems fit)
  • Campaign gifts are often made as pledges and paid over multiple years versus annual giving paid within the year of the ask
  • Campaign gifts are often made via assets and not income
  • Annual giving supports today's needs while campaign gifts supports future investments into EB
We thank you for your support in helping EB continue to grow and invest in the future of its students.

All Are Welcome! (Anti-Discriminatory Policy)

Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley does not exclude from participation in, deny the benefits of, or subject any individual to discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or religion. This policy applies to all programs, services, and facilities, including applications, admissions, and employment.