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  • Ala Ebtekar '93, 2024 Alumni Spotlight Award Winner

    Congratulations To EB's 2024 Alumni Spotlight Award Winner: Ala Ebtekar

    We are pleased to announce that Ala Ebtekar, painter, illustrator, contemporary visual artist and distinguished alumnus from the class of 1993, has been chosen as the recipient of this year's EB Alumni Spotlight Award. Ala’s exceptional contributions to the world of visual arts, civic spaces and academia make him an inspiring and multifaceted role model for our community. From his exploration of cosmic themes and the phenomenology of light, to his merging of ancient traditions with cutting-edge technology, Ala's relentlessly curious and creative embrace of the world is a poignant example of what it means to "belong in the world," a concept so central to EB's ongoing educational mission.
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  • First Annual Alternative Chronicle Winners Announced

    This spring brought the successful conclusion to another innovative EB initiative, the Alternative Chronicles contest, an international classroom-led AI competition, developed jointly by our Middle School Head, Fabien Lombard and his French counterpart, Paul Fermon, history-geography teacher at Raynouard High School in France. After consideration by a diverse 11-member jury of educators, technologists and artists, three grand prize winners were chosen from 16 finalists. The second edition of the contest is already scheduled to launch in October 2024, promising another exciting opportunity for innovative educational projects from next year's students.
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  • Protecting & Educating In An AI World: Recording Now Available!

    EB offered another provocative and engaging Parent Enrichment Night for May, this time focused on the hot topic of artificial intelligence. The panel discussion, led by Mathilde Cerioli, a doctor in neuroscience, positive discipline educator and the chief scientist at everyone.AI, is now available to view online. 
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    • Evaluating Our Students

      Elodie Resurreccion & Emily Kaltenbach
      When most people think of evaluations for students, their mind goes straight to formal testing from a testing agency like NWEA (MAP Growth), or the French Ministry of Education (National Evaluations). These tests are given high importance and provide valuable information, but they are not the only types of assessments happening in the classroom!
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    • Finding Biodiversity With California Native Plants

      EB Eco-Elders
      As part of April’s focus on sustainability in celebration of Earth Day (which included La Semaine Verte (Green Week) Zero Waste Challenge and a Swap Meet), the month closed out with a PEN (Parent Enrichment Night) focused on native plants, sponsored by the EB Eco-Elders.
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    • G6 Geography Students Unveiled Cities Of The Future

      Hands On Learning: From The Future To The Past

      Middle School students in Mr. Bourhais' Geography and Social Studies classes got a chance to creatively look backwards and forwards this spring, creating models of cities from the Middle Ages and "The City of The Future." Take a look at this photo journal of their work.
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    • Kindergarten Creations

      Created by the K-C Kindergarten class with their teacher Margot Lopes, this original short is based on the book, "Pingu and the Treasure Hunt."
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    • EB Students reduced their lunchtime waste by more than 80%!

      Getting Greener, Day By Day

      EB put the spotlight on sustainability with "Green Week" (La Semaine Verte) during April, posing a Zero Waste Challenge to the school community. How did we do? Read on!
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    • Growing With The Gardens

      Florence Joliff, EB Garden Specialist
      From cruciferous vegetable tastings, to understanding the different parts of a flower, to the poetry of spring, the EB gardens are always full of hands-on learning with Garden specialist, Florence Joliff.
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    • Witnessing Wonder: The Partial Solar Eclipse at EB

      Elodie Resurreccion, French Program Coordinator | Coordinatrice des Programmes Français
      EB was buzzing with excitement April 8, as students and staff came together to witness the partial solar eclipse. The event not only mesmerized us, but also provided a rich opportunity for experiential learning.
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    • Culture & Connections Expo

      The Culture & Connections Expo on March 12th was a vibrant celebration of diversity, learning, and community as our 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade IT students presented visual storyboards of the cultural influences shaping their identities.
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    • April is Arab American Heritage Month

      Diverse Reads At The Library

      Genevieve Geant, Librarian
      Each month, librarian Genevieve Geant and DEIJ coordinator Carla Maia collaborate to offer a knowledge base of reading materials in both English and French, for beginning to advanced readers.
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    • EB Students Envision Possibility: TEDxYouth@EB 2024

      Sue Campbell, Middle School English Teacher & TEDxYouth@EB Director
      The annual production of TEDxYouth@EB, originally begun by a handful of motivated EB parents and teachers in 2015, remains an enduring legacy at the Middle School. On January 25, a packed in-person audience attended our ninth TEDxYouth@EB event, where the them was "Possibility." The talks are now live, and available worldwide from the official TEDxYouth@EB website.
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    • Finalist, Eoin V., Grade 7

      Student Ambassadors Make Their Case

      Fabien Lombard, Middle School Head
      EB's "budding ambassadors" from G5, G6 and G7 honed their critical thinking and language skills, delivering their arguments in French and English before a panel of judges for the AEFE's Ambassadeurs en Herbe competition.
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    • Parents and teachers took part in a simulation March 19, experiencing what it feels like to have dyslexia.

      Experiencing Dyslexia: A Live Simulation

      EB Student Support Team
      Neurodiversity Celebration Week serves as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the unique strengths and challenges of individuals with neurodivergence. One condition that often faces misunderstanding is dyslexia.
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    • Talking About Neurodiversity With Your Neurotypical Child

      Elodie Resurreccion, French Program Coordinator | Coordinatrice des Programmes Français
      How can we help children become allies? Navigating conversations about neurodiversity with young children can be both challenging and rewarding. As we continue to foster an inclusive environment at EB, we understand the importance of addressing these topics at home as well.
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    • Neurodivergent Brains & Communication Styles

      Christine Greer, Middle School Dean
      Everyone has their own unique brain and personality, with distinct interests opinions, and communication styles. As part of Middle School advisory for Neurodiversity Week, students learned how awareness of individual communication styles is key to building strong relationships & better interactions with peers.
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    • Défi Maths / Math Challenge 2024: G3 & G4 Use Teamwork to Go for the Gold

      Elodie Resurreccion, French Program Coordinator | Coordinatrice des Programmes Français
      In January, third and fourth graders collaborated in teams to tackle a series of mathematical and logic puzzles inspired by the theme of the Olympics, in celebration of the upcoming games in Paris this summer. This yearly event is known as Défi Maths, or Math Challenge. EB was one of many schools that participated. Our students joined numerous bilingual schools within our AEFE network in this activity. All schools participating worked on the same set of problems in French, with the common goal of collaborating to find solutions within one hour.
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    • International Women's Day is March 8

      Recognizing The Achievements of Women, Near & Far

      Carla Maia, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) Coordinator
      March is Women's History Month and March 8 is International Women's Day! Today, these commemorations are part of the larger movement advocating for gender equality. It serves as a reminder of the progress that has been made, the challenges that still exist, and the work that remains to be done to break down stereotypes and challenge gender biases.
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    • Photo by TheLionHasSeen

      Francophone Spotlight: Louisiana

      Carla Maia, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) Coordinator
      Louisiana is a unique and culturally rich state located in the southern United States. Louisiana has a strong historical connection with France, dating back to the colonial era. Still today, Louisiana has a strong French cultural influence, particularly in New Orleans. 
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