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  • Author in Residence Program Returns with Orianne Lallemand

    Elodie Resurreccion, French Curriculum Coordinator
    As part of the Litt. Jeunesse 2022 (Youth Literature 2022) event, organized by Made in France, Orianne Lallemand visited our Kindergarten and G1 classes to introduce books touching on diversity and inclusion, such as le Loup qui avait un nouvel ami (The Wolf Who Made a New Friend) et Le petit monsieur (The Little Gentleman).
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  • EB Celebrates Neurodiversity Week

    Elodie Resurreccion, French Curriculum Coordinator & Jeff Miles, English Curriculum Coordinator
    Neurodiversity Celebration Week is a worldwide initiative designed to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about neurological differences.
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  • EB Students Tackle Eco-Challenges with the "Eco-Ecole"

    Elodie Resurreccion, French Curriculum Coordinator
    At EB, we believe that students need to be equipped to confidently embrace the delights and challenges of an interconnected world. Yet in our rapidly changing world, our nation’s wildlife continues to be faced with critical challenges.
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  • Eighth Graders Shine in DELF

    Valerie Bishop, Middle School French Teacher
    Every year, in addition to the standard trappings of Middle School seniority, our 8th graders prepare for an important rite of passage: the DELF.
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  • LS Student Council & Eco-Council Raise $1,131 in Support of Ukrainian Children

    Magali Noth, Head of Primary & Elodie Resurreccion, French Curriculum Coordinator
    Our entire community, including our students, has been affected by the attacks in Ukraine. The Lower School Student Council and Eco-Council decided to take action. They unified their forces and worked together to support the children in Ukraine.
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  • Seventh Graders Head to Catalina

    Richard Lyon, Head of Middle School
    On February 28 to March 2, 2022, the 7th graders partook in a spectacular three-day overnight trip to Catalina Island. 
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  • Sixth Graders Create Mosaics

    The Development Team
    Meet Stephanie Colker, our new Middle School Social Studies Teacher! This semester, Ms. Colker's G6 class explored mosaics, which were popular and common in the Ancient Roman world.
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  • World Savvy Program Uses Design Thinking

    Gabrielle Hedlund, Middle School English Teacher
    World Savvy is a 7th grade program that asks students to research a serious issue that could be in their community or in another community or country. After researching their topic, students will offer a solution to create an impact.
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  • DEIJ at EB

    Christopher Colebourn
    This school year, EB launched its four-year Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) Strategic Plan.
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  • Differentiation at Ecole Bilingue

    Jeffrey Miles
    At EB, the teaching staff recognizes the individuality of each student, and is dedicated to helping each and every one of them reach their full potential.
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  • Be a Buddy… Not a Bully

    Jeffrey Miles
    Preschool is the time in a student's school career where they begin to understand and develop healthy relationships with others.
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  • Career Month in G5

    Fifth grade teachers Marion Tobie and Luc DeArmey were trying to figure out a way to get parents involved in the classroom, knowing that welcoming parents back on campus was still a ways out.
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  • EB Focuses on a “Green” Vision

    EB has been working on making itself a “greener” school for the last few years.
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  • Middle School STEM Projects

    Olga Popova
    The Middle School STEM Program is based on project learning where scientific principles are applied in practical engineering projects.
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  • Specialist Curriculum Overview

    Jeffrey Miles
    We are always looking to deepen our programs, and searching for ways that our students will grow in their learning and understanding of the world.
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  • Black History Month at the Middle School

    Chrissy Greer
    As a vivid and informative celebration of Black History Month, Advisories are taking part in a Black History Month Door Decorating Contest.
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  • Middle Schoolers Bring Drama to Their Younger Peers

    Emmanuel Labadie
    What is a great way to build bridges between Middle Schoolers and students at the Lower School? How about by performing for them!
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  • Bilingualism and Translanguaging Authors

    Elodie Resurreccion
    In this November newsletter, I would like to share with you three authors who currently have an impact on bilingual education. These three authors are showing the diversity of bilingual individuals by sharing their years of study and personal experience.
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  • Differentiation at EB

    Jeff Miles
    At Ecole Bilingue the teaching staff recognizes the individuality of each student, and are dedicated to helping each and every one of them reach their full potential.
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  • Enrichment & Athletics Fall News

    Mirza Kopelman, Director of Enrichment & Athletics
    We are very excited with the news that vaccinations for children ages 5 to 13 are around the corner. Once the vast majority of students (we are not sure what our exact threshold will be) are vaccinated we will allow free movement of children on the playground during recess and aftercare.
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