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Move-a-Thon 2024


The Move-a-Thon is a student-centered fundraiser geared towards health and an appreciation for being outside. Kids are the main drivers of their experience and everyone is encouraged to participate and move in any way that fits their lifestyle and ability!
During the month-long lead up to the event, students create individual fundraising pages to share with their family friends, neighbors, and coaches to help them reach their goal. Each classroom can also work together to reach a collective goal to help the "fun"draising go further: participation is what's most important! 

On the day of the event, students and teachers participate in a fun series of courses designed for their age-level. There is music and cheering support, and the event culminates in a school-wide dance party and snacks!

A portion of the proceeds are used to enhance the physical outdoor space in our school campus, whether that means buying more PE equipment, installing a climbing wall, or investing in outdoor furniture for kids. At EB, we seek to create a welcoming and inclusive space for all children!

Move-a-Thon 2024 FAQ

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • What is a Move-a-Thon?

    A Move-a-Thon is a healthy, kid-centered fundraiser that encourages peer to peer outreach, an appreciation for being outdoors, and promotes school spirit.

    On the day of the event, students participate in a course designed per division. There is music, cheering, water stations, and the event culminates in a school-wide dance party.

    Preschool course: obstacle course in the preschool yard created with the help of the Enrichment team. Staff and volunteers help the littles ones participate!

    Lower School course: K to G5 students run/walk/skip/jog/move through a course that runs the perimeter of the big yard, basketball courts, and soccer field.

    Middle School course: Middle Schoolers run on the sidewalk, around the school, from 9th st. to Heinz ave. to 10th st. to Grayson. Teachers and staff are posted all throughout the block and neighbors are forewarned for safety purposes.
  • When is EB’s Move-a-Thon?

    February 15, 2024
  • Why does EB have a Move-a-Thon?

    Fundraising is an integral part of ensuring a healthy operating budget for the school. The Move-a-Thon provides crucial funds to support EB’s students, teachers and programs, in a way that is fun, inclusive, and utilizes peer-to-peer fundraising to extend the circle of supporters.
  • Where do the funds from the Move-a-Thon go?

    Funds raised by the Move-a-Thon go towards the general operating budget of the school. A portion of the funds raised also support EB’s outdoor spaces. Proceeds are split with the Parents’ Association, one-third going to the PA and two-thirds going to EB.
  • Why did the name change from Run-a-Thon?

    We wanted to be as inclusive as possible, recognizing that running may not be an option for everyone. With the new name, we feel that everyone can participate, regardless of ability.
  • Can parents attend the Move-a-Thon?

    The Move-A-Thon is intended to be a fun team-building exercise between teachers and students. While it's open to parents who want to cheer from the sidelines, we hope you'll consider whether your presence or departure will distract your child from the main event.

    Parents are welcome to attend the weekday morning event, either as volunteers or in the designated "cheering section." Please note that student "run times" are brief and parents are not permitted to run alongside children. For preschool parents, if you know that your presence--and subsequent departure-- may distress your child, we ask that you please follow along via livestream (from the EB YouTube Channel) instead. Feel free to reach out to moveathon@eb.org with questions.
  • What do I have to do as a parent?

    To support your child, there are three easy steps to take:

    1. Register on our Fundhub website.
    2. Help your child create an individual student Move-a-Thon page (note: Middle Schoolers will create their own pages during Advisory).
    3. Help send out your child’s page to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, anyone!
  • Do Middle School parents need to help create their child's page?

    No! Middle Schoolers should create pages themselves. They will be given time during Advisory to do so. Parents can check in on them and remind them to create their page if not already done so. Students and parents can forward their individual page link to family and friends to collect donations.
  • How do I register for the Move-a-Thon? 

    Register your child's page through our Fund Hub portal here.

    If you need guidance, you can also watch this video tutorial about how to get started.
  • Can I/supporters give via cash or check?

    Yes! Please make all checks payable to Ecole Bilingue, with Move-a-Thon in the memo line. These can be dropped off at the reception, ATTN: Development Office.
  • Are donations tax-deductible?

    Yes! You will receive a receipt from FundHub if you make a gift online, or from EB if you give via check or cash, which will serve as your tax receipt. 

Awards & Incentives

Everyone will participate in the Move-A-Thon and post-event dance party! Everyone's a winner, no matter what they raise.
Click on the incentive categories below to reveal details!

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  • Registration Incentives

    The first 25 students to register and create individual pages will receive a backpack!
    All students who register within the first week (by Wednesday, January 24th) will be entered into a raffle. Five winners will be selected, including one “Grand Prize” winner! 
    • Raffle bundle includes: 
      • Decathlon Backpack
      • EB Frisbee
      • EB Beanie
    • The “Grand Prize” includes the raffle bundle, PLUS a $25 gift certificate to a local sports store and an EB water bottle.
    If every student in your class registers, you will get to choose a special Spirit Day! (crazy hair day, pajama day, etc.)
  • Community Outreach Awards & Incentives

    Community Outreach Individual Incentive (3 student winners, one student per division.)

    The student with the largest community outreach (highest number of donors, regardless of dollar amount) will receive an EB water bottle and $25 Sports Basement Gift Card.
    Community Outreach Classroom Incentive (3 classroom winners, one class per division.)

    The classroom with the largest community outreach (highest number of donors) will receive a pizza party! 
    Middle School Color Party Incentive

    If 75% of the Middle School registers to participate and secures at least 1 donation, the entire Middle School will receive a super fun “color party!”
  • All-School Awards & Incentives

    All students will receive Fun Run #'s known as Marathon Bibs
    All students will receive a Certificate of Achievement

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