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Payment Options

After payment of the 10% non-refundable reservation fee at the time of the enrollment or re-enrollment, the balance can be paid in one of four ways. Note that the payment system to pay for tuition and fees is Smart Tuition, which accepts credit card payments.

Option 1

  • One payment due in June
  • Comes with a $100 early payment discount
  • Smart Tuition annual fee is paid by the school

Option 2

  • Two equal payments in June and September 
  • You will have the choice between the 5th or the 20th of the month
  • Incurs a $50 Smart Tuition annual fee

Option 3

  • Twelve equal monthly payments between June and May of the following year
  • A 5% per annum interest applies (2.50% for families receiving Tuition Assistance or Bourses Scolaires)
  • Incurs a $50 Smart Tuition annual fee

Option 4

  • Four equal payments in June, July, August and September 
  • Incurs a $50 Smart Tuition annual fee