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Alumni Stories


Graduating Class: 2012
Current Position: Digital Marketing | Small Business Owner at GreenerPrinter
Current Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Education / School 1: Berkeley High School
What did you enjoy most about your time at EB and why?

EB gave me the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships. I enjoyed the many field trips, double period sports and all the opportunities to further increase my friendships, which have heavily impacted my life.

Please describe your current work/studies.

At the moment, I just graduated from Berkeley High School! My future plans are to take a gap year, during which I will travel to Europe and New Zealand and then continue my education afterwards. In Middle School, I started my own mobile application company. By freshman year of High School, my apps were getting hundreds of thousands of downloads and I was making enough money to live on my own. This has been my “job” for the past few years. I’ve recently created an online course to show people how to create mobile applications, with the intent of funding my gap year and adding another source of income. It currently has 4000+ students enrolled.

How do you feel EB has influenced you or led you towards your choice of profession?

EB has influenced me by giving me the opportunity to work with computers at a young age, influencing my profession as an app developer. EB has allowed me to be open-minded; at a young age you’re fully immersed in different cultures and ways of thinking, immediately instilling an open mindset at a very young age.

What would you say to parents just starting out at EB?

Though it can be a stretch financially, I believe it’s worth it, due to its overall impact on your child’s health, happiness, and future profession.

Describe your favorite memory from EB.

My favorite memory was staying in a hotel room with three of my close friends during the Washington DC field trip. This is a very fond memory of mine, being with my close friends, visiting museums and taking a new approach to “standard learning.”

Would you consider sending your children to EB? Why?

Yes, I would consider sending my children to EB for many reasons, including bilingualism, long-lasting relationships, and a small community of mentors to aid you when needed.

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