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Middle School International Track

The EB middle school now offers an international track, accepting students with no prior French experience. Students with strong academics and a keen interest in languages will have access to a renowned international curriculum that encourages rigorous skill development, critical reasoning and empathy with perspectives from around the world.

Our Approach

The international track is ideally suited for students with no prior French experience who possess very strong academics and a desire to become multilingual.

Students in the international track will study French for 25% of their time, and join students in the regular track for English-speaking classes. This track prepares students for an internationally focused education such as the highly acclaimed International Baccalaureate program.

The EB international track provides students with: 

Strong academics

The core of EB’s program is the French curriculum, renowned for its rigor, taught in the progressive, nurturing, and welcoming setting of the American independent school. 

Individualized attention

EB prides itself on its small class sizes (17 students per class on average) where every student’s unique needs are met. 

Broader perspectives

Students become not just bilingual but bicultural. They are immersed in an international community and take part in many local, regional and international field trips.

How many hours of French?

Students in the international track will attend six accelerated French language classes a week. Additionally they will attend P.E. and Music classes in French. As students' level of French improves, they are able, starting in 7th grade, to attend other courses of study taught in French, such as Social Studies. During classes taught in English, International Track students join their peers from the bilingual track.

6th grade7th grade8th grade
Instruction in French25%30%30%
Instruction in English75%70%67%
Instruction in Spanish or Mandarin


High School placement

EB students are highly sought after by top private schools for the unique qualities they bring to their high school communities. Our students are recognized as open, globally-minded, culturally fluent, flexible and adaptable, and articulate. Schools particularly value their extraordinary communications skills, thanks to their mastery of different languages.

Our dedicated high school placement counselor works closely with families so that students apply to the schools that best fit them. Courtesy of their strong applicant profiles and our guided application process, 95% of our students applying to private high schools get into their top choice.

An education at EB prepares students not only for secondary education, but for the rest of their lives.

EB graduates possess the following attributes:

  • Global-mindedness
  • Cultural fluency
  • Multilingual
  • Articulate critical thinkers
  • Empathetic and compassionate

The EB Middle School

The middle school years are crucial in developing in students a sense of identity and individual voice, while also building their sense of belonging and community. EB middle school students develop into independent thinkers who articulate their points of view and understand and respect those of others.

The depth and breadth of our international curriculum encourages not only rigorous skill development and critical reasoning, but empathy with perspectives from around the world.

Our team of professional, innovative instructors challenges and nurtures students. They encourage them to learn collaboratively, think creatively, and work on solving real-world problems. 

Our middle school, founded in 1988 has:

  • 15,000 sq ft facilities located in West Berkeley
  • 15 highly skilled and bilingual faculty members
  • A network of 1,536 alumni living in over 20 countries
  • An average of 100 students per graduating year