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EB seeks to recognize and honor alumni who have distinguished themselves through significant contributions in their work and life, and who have positively impacted their communities through professional, public service and/or civic activities.

Accepting nominations

Nominations for the 2019 Alumni Spotlight Award are currently open! Please nominate an EB alum by January 31, 2019. If you know of someone you would like to nominate, please fill out the Nomination Form.

Criteria for nomination

  1. Nominees should have completed at least 3 years at EB.
  2. Nominees are representatives of the school and should be held to an appropriate standard of ethical and personal conduct, in concert with the values of the school. 
  3. Nominees should be nominated by someone other than themselves. The nominator does not need to be an EB alumnus or affiliated with EB. 
  4. Nominees should not be current staff or faculty members of EB.
  5. Nominees should embody the mission of EB. 

Iliana Montauk, class of 1997 was chosen as the first Alumni Spotlight Award recipient for her entrepreneurial spirit, her financial, social, and feminist impact in Gaza's tech sector, and her desire to be a positive force for change. Read Iliana Montauk's interview