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Champs-Elysées Film Festival in Berkeley

Discover the best of independent French and American cinema coming directly to EB—all films are premiering in Berkeley. Committed to uncovering new talent, the Champs-Elysées Film Festival invites you to two days of short films, medium-length, and feature length films! This moving film festival is ending their U.S tour at EB, and the EB community is invited. Films are appropriate for 18+ years of age.

Grand festival international de cinéma à Paris, Champs-Élysées Film Festival est le rendez-vous incontournable pour découvrir le meilleur du cinéma indépendant français et américain. Dédié à la découverte de nouveaux talents, le festival se veut être une passerelle entre les cinématographies françaises et américaines ainsi qu’une plateforme de rencontres de la jeune création et de l’indépendance tant cinématographique que musicale. 

Thursday, November 2 at Ecole Bilingue


Justine Lévêque, Artistic Director

Champs-Elysées Film Festival is pleased to present a selection of short films offering a panorama of French independent production and demonstrating the intelligence and creative power of a new generation of directors. Made up mostly of first-time directors, the films showcase broad range, from documentaries to memorable experimental excursions to remarkable animations. A panorama of journeys and places, encounters and memories that also question the land. Short films that create a unique map of our country and our time, that make us dream and reflect on the state of the world and our state of being, and allow us to see everything differently, with strength, courage and the love we always come back to.


Join us for an evening of short and medium-length films that celebrate upcoming French and European directors at our Lower School on Thursday, November 2, from 7-9pm. 
The event is open to the public & free. The Artistic Director, Justine Lévêque, will be in attendance and give an introduction. Please note there is limited seating of 100 and the screening will take place at:
Lower School Multipurpose Room
Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley
1009 Heinz Avenue, Berkeley


List of 4 items.

  • La Saison Pourpre, by Clémence Bouchereau

    • On the edge of a mangrove, a group of girls lives to the rhythm of the climate and the wild geese around them. They see each other live and grow up at different ages. As time passes, tensions arise and rivalries develop.
    • Animated film
    • Language: French with English subtitles
    • Learn more about the film
  • Les Chenilles, by Michelle & Noel Keserwany

    • Asma and Sarah, two women originally from the Levant, find themselves working in the same restaurant in the city of Lyon in France. Both bear the weight of a home they were forced to leave behind. Initially wary of each other, they gradually discover a common thread that binds them - one that dates back to when the Silk Road connected Lyon to their home countries. In the midst of forced migrations, can we move past our animosity to find solace in each other?
    • Language: French with English subtitles
    • Learn more about the film
  • Mimi De Douarnenez , by Sébastien Betbeder

    • Mimi has always lived in Douarnenez (Brittany), near her friends and her widowed father. She is a simple young woman who takes life as it comes, even if sometimes life puts obstacles in her way. She works at the cinema Le Club. She was not supposed to, but tonight she has to welcome a young depressive director Gaspard Kermarec. He happens to come from the same town as her, and his film happens to be as depressing as himself.
    • Language: Russian with English subtitles
    • Winner of the Prix du Public at the CEFF in June
    • Learn more about the film
  • Shake Up, by Anne Steffens

    • While glancing over a horoscope, which advises Taurus to have a check-up, that Claire, Sagittarius, decides to have one. It seems that Claire needs to fill her days, to have a precise program, to distract herself perhaps. Why is Claire in such a rush? Will the doctors she meets at all her medical appointments, which she keeps going to with her mind on other things, manage to find out?
    • Language: French with English subtitles
    • Learn more about the film
    • La Saison Pourpre

    • Les Chenilles

    • Mimi de Douarnenez

    • Shake Up

Friday, November 3 at Pearson Theater


Justine Lévêque, Artistic Director

In a hospital of Greater Paris, a psychiatrist dedicates himself to his mission at the risk of losing his footing.

Nicolas Peduzzi grew up in Italy where he began his studies in theatre and cinema. He then settled in the USA to take take Susan Batson’s night classes and directed several self- financed short films followed by a first feature film Southern Bell, released in France in 2018. The film was screened in several festivals, integrating Best of Doc’s “Documentary Month” selection in 2019 and winning FID Marseille’s Grand Prize. Nicolas then directed Ghost Song, selected at ACID in 2021, winner at the Séville festival, released in cinemas in 2022 and shortlisted by Vice in the USA. État Limite, winner of the Jury Prize at CPH:DOX 2023 and screened at ACID Cannes 2023, is his third feature film.
    • État Limite


On Friday, November 3, from 7-9pm, we invite our EB community to join us for an exclusive feature film (California premiere), with an intimate discussion with the festival’s Artistic Director, Justine Lévêque, followed by a wine and cheese reception.

Tickets are $20 per person, on a first-come, first-serve basis. The event will take place at the select and beautiful Pearson Theater at Meyer Sound, across the street from the Lower Campus. Please note there is limited seating of 55.

Pearson Theater
Meyer Sound
2837 10th Street
Berkeley CA 94710


List of 1 items.

  • État Limite, by Nicolas Peduzzi

    • In a hospital of Greater Paris, a psychiatrist dedicates himself to his mission at the risk of losing his footing.
    • Language: French with English subtitles
    • Learn more about the film
    *This film features intense subject matter and references abuse which may be triggering to some viewers.
Fondé en 2012 par la productrice, distributrice et exploitante Sophie Dulac, Champs-Élysées Film Festival réunit chaque année plusieurs milliers de spectateurs et professionnels sur les Champs-Élysées et rassemble le temps d’une semaine le cœur de la création cinématographique contemporaine en présentant des films audacieux, ambitieux, inédits et en célébrant la liberté, l’engagement et l’authenticité.

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