As with most American independent schools, tuition payments alone do not fund the full cost of an EB education. Each year, more than $2,000 per student in additional funding is required to provide the outstanding bilingual, multicultural education our families expect and our children deserve. A significant percentage of these non-tuition revenues is raised through the two programs below. EB expects, and respectfully requests, every family to participate in and support these important efforts.

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is EB’s most important and largest fundraising effort. Tuition and fees account for 91% of the cost for an Ecole Bilingue education. To close the gap between tuition revenue and the cost of operating the school, all EB families are asked to make a yearly gift to the Annual Fund, a practice common in independent schools in the United States. This fund helps support the costs of educating our students, contributing to so many of the wonderful programs we offer.

With your help we are able to attract and retain truly gifted faculty, provide state-of-the-art technology tools for the classrooms, create extracurricular activities throughout the year, and fund need-based scholarships that ensure the school’s socio-economic diversity. All gifts, no matter the size, are truly meaningful and enhance the education of every child at Ecole Bilingue. Learn more.

EB Auction &  Gala

After the Annual Fund, the EB Auction & Gala is the second-largest source of fundraising revenue for the school. More than just a great party, our gala event supports current-year operations while also celebrating our dynamic community and building stronger connections between families and friends. Fundraising events like this one provide ways in which everyone can participate—as an attendee, a donor, a supporter, or a volunteer. School-wide support is crucial to this event’s success and we hope you’ll choose to assist the school by taking an active role!