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Blog Type:  STEM Lower School
Date Posted:  Thursday, February 18, 2021


In our STEM projects, we begin with the exploration of living things and their characteristics, then we focus on our environment and the ways in which human activities impact it. The goal of STEM is to help students understand the world around them through observations and experiments, to sharpen their critical thinking, and to understand the rigor of the scientific process. The activities will be posted the previous week on Seesaw, and will aim to get students to think about various themes and how to support them. The project  program is not fixed; it will be adapted based on the questions of the students and what they want to discover.

First graders began their discovery of biology with the distinction between living and nonliving, then animals and plants. It will continue with a more in-depth study of the plant cycle through experimentation to determine the needs of plants, and then observations of flowers, fruits and seeds.

Second graders began their discovery of living things through one of their functions: first by feeding animals and then by exploring what humans eat. The food balance will be studied through experiments to determine the composition of food in various dishes, and how these components are then used by the body. Healthy living will be at the heart of this study.

Third graders began to understand living things from an experiment allowing them to determine the necessary conditions for plants’ growth, which will then be compared to those necessary for the growth of animals. This comparison will help define the concept of the ecosystem.

Fourth graders began by studying the food balance by comparing, through experiments, the composition of different foods, and how these components then circulate in the body. Blood circulation will be the subject of observations and experiments to determine its functioning.

Fifth graders have started to work on balance and individual dietary needs. The rest of our study will allow them to understand the fate of food, especially digestion, through various observations and experiments. The focus on healthy living will be rounded out by studying the effect of physical exercise on our body.

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