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Art G6 & G7: Student Work 2020-2021

Blog Type:  Arts Middle School
Date Posted:  Thursday, February 18, 2021


Although all of our art classes so far have been virtual, the work the students have created is tactile, rich and physical.

Grade 6: Ancient Greeks, Current Sports

  • Coordinated with the study of Ancient Greece in the History program. 
  • A study of the human figure in motion, paying special attention to correct proportions and muscle articulation. 
  • Design problems - high contrast silhouette figures, a limited choice of black, orange and white, and geometric patterns to decorate the vase.

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Grade 6: Personal Boxes

  • Assemblage project inspired by Joseph Cornell. 
  • This is a sort of 3D “visual biography”. We crafted boxes to display a collection of found or made objects which represent the student and their family or friends.
  • The work is accompanied by Artist’s Statements explaining the choices.

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Grade 7: Self-Portrait as a Spirit Animal

  • These illustrations are companions to anthropomorphic animal poems written in English class. 
  • We created imaginative self-portraits based on a fusion of human and animal traits in order to express inner qualities.

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Grade 7: Ink Landscapes - A Van Gogh Worksheet

  • Step 1:  a study of ink techniques used by Van Gogh in his landscape drawings
  • Step 2:  we “translated” photos from the Berkeley Botanical Gardens into the language of blank-and-white, expressive lines and texture patterns

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Grade 7: Coiled Rope Baskets

  • A weaving project with rope, yarn, and beads.
  • We used contemporary materials to learn the techniques and design aesthetic of Native American basket weaving from California.

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Grade 6 is drawings comics based on stories written in French class. The stories are either further adventures of Odysseus, or fairy tales. The students can work either independently or in teams. We start with quick pencil drafts and move to large format detailed comics. Our final goal is 3 pages with at least one page in color.  We are hoping to publish all student work in an EB ComicZine.

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Grade 7 is making accordion artist books. The students are learning traditional book-making crafts. They are writing and illustrations their own stories.We are exploring the possibilities offered by hand-made books: accordion pages that can unfold like screens or scrolls, using colored paper as background colors, pop-up elements, text layout and typography, merging of text and images “caligrams”.

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