Campaign Donors


The de Bresson-Leland Family

Richard and Gretchen Grant

William and Mijo Horwich

Tanny Keeler-Hodgetts and Kent Hodgetts

Reverend Christine Leigh-Taylor and David Weber


Current Trustees

Steven Addis and Joanne Hom-Addis

Yusef Alexandrine

Andrea Bacigalupo-Lee and Robert Lee

Hélène Cahen and Dean Hanley

Susan Campbell and Doug Oakley

Frédéric and Odile Canadas

Christine Chapon and Alan Korman

Tamara Daney and Ariel Cao

Philippe Dietz and Corine Meyer

Kenneth and Setenay Frucht

Angela Jacobson and James Levine

Sharon and Christophe Le Duy

Kili S. McGowan and Jeremy Townsend

Al Moore and Michelle Clincke

John and Lily Palmer

Mark and Tracy Poff

Stéphane Prunet and Anshu Prunet-Sharma

Stuart Russell and Loy Sheflott

Tanu Sankalia and Devyani Jain



Berit Ashla and Aron Cramer

Thomas and Laura Clydesdale

Françoise, Norman Cohen, Céline Cohen-Stumbles, Stéphanie Cohen-Thynne

Steven and Wendy Cook

Nathalie Destandau and Gaby Brink

Betsy and Steven Dixon

The Dreyfus Family – Hubert, Geneviève, Stéphane and Gabrielle

Joseph Duggan and Annalee Rejhon

Paul and Laura Escobosa

Ayman Fawaz and Rania Rayes-Fawaz

Henry L. Gardner

Douglas and Zozo Greenholz

Ann Harrison and Vicente Madrigal

Joyce Hemmer

The Hershey Family

Richard and Marie-Paule Laden

John (Jack) and Kathie Longinotti

Michael Lukan and Laura Pantaleo

Jerri Mariott and Michael Silpa

The Henry Massie Family Charitable Trust

Louise B. McGowan

Michael, Christina, Joshua, Christopher Meyer

Frank Morrison and Susan Vinluan-Morrison

Bernard and Joan Marie Pech

Gloria Polanski and Jean-Luc Szpakowski

John Rosenthal and Sally Drach

Douglas Saunders

Orville and Baifang Schell

Marie-José Sat and Peter Vollhardt

Timothy Stokes and Anya Lewis

Laura Truffaut-Wong and Stephen Wong

The Van Housen-Marie Family

Jean and Annie Walrand

The Watters Family

Daniel Sivolella and Jacqueline Van Lang



Reza and Debra Abbaszadeh

Paul-André Abboud and Kristen Sidell

Mikael Abye and Anne Boucher

Aykut Akcaoglu and Maria del Pilar Reyes

Christopher and Anne Anderson

Pablo Arbelaez and Roxana Yockteng Benalcazar

Kymi Armour

Matt and Kate  Arnold

Robert Bartlett and Victoria Plaut

François Bertault and Qingwen Feng

Mark Blake and Sally Stephens

Patrick Burns and Colleen Zardiackas Burns

Antoine Carrière and Irina Wolf Carrière

Dorion Carroll, August, Quinn and Liam Carroll and Michele Muller

Peter and Catrine Charron

Pierre Chew and Kristin Nolan

Amod Chopra and Vicky Gellon

Heather Clague and Frédéric Theunissen

Thomas and Renee Clyde

Patrick Corcoran and Susanna Stromberg Corcoran

Christian Correa

Andrew Davis and Alexandra Von Burg

Stephen and Judy DeJesse

Stéphane and Delphine Deléger

Clélia Donovan

Ludovic Duchateau and Hillary Goidell

Samir Dzankic and Golriz Ghassem-Ardebili

Andre and Andromache Fargeix

Marek Fibrich and Petra Fibrichova

John Gargani and Mary Kathryn Lynch

Matthew and Joelle Garland

David Gay and Olga Popova

Eric and Emma Gimon

Michel and Barbara Girerd

Ji Gohel and Maureen Garvey

Phyllis Grant and Matthew Ross

Katherine and Jeroen Grasman

Randolph and Sylvaine Griffin

Barbara Hanna

Matthew and Noemie Hansen

Christopher Harrelson and Sara Rahimian

Pascal and Tegan Hoffmann

Adam and Manon Johnson

Arnaud and Florence Joliff

Michael Jonath and Sylvie Mwila Jonath

Kevin and Rosemary Jordan

Katherine Whitman Keeler-Hodgetts

Paul and Robin Kirby

John and Janice Kirk

Serge Kogan and Stephanie Profitt

Michael Korcuska and Shannon Jackson

Max Kozlov and Tatiana Pavlova

Cem and Deniz Kursunoglu

Alexis Laurent and Eliza Finkelstein

Edward Lee and Rhonda Righter

Ann and Steve Lefkovits

Stephen Levine and Paola Laverde-Levine

Jeffrey and Eileen Loustau

Richard and Jennifer Lyons

Daniel Macallair and Bonnie Barkett

Paul and Laura Magu

Jitendra Malik and Isha Ray

Bryan Matheney and Avery Sim

John McCarthy and Sodabeh Fazlollahi

Erik and Tish Moore

Roger Myers and Erin McCormick

Bao-Long Nguyen-Trong and Anh-Thu Nguyen

François and Marie-Laure Nguyen

Keyvan Nouri

Jeanne Marie Oakley

Matthew and Brenda Ogburn

Erich Pfeifer and Kelly-Evans-Pfeifer

Kameshwar Poolla and Radhika Rao

Guillaume Privat and Alexandra Thusy-Privat

Made Putrayasa and Annette Hackett

Steven Ramirez and Jacqueline Espinoza

Logan and Omayya Ray

David and Françoise Rees

Andrea Rondini

Joshua Rose and Maria Landoni de Rose

Aaron and Stéphanie Ross

Christopher Rynders and Tara Righetti

Alan and Sophie Shabel

Eric Snoey and Sophie Barbant

David St. Jean and Irene Bloemraad

Gary Smith and Coline David

Jeffery Stephens and Janice Kim

Jon Strich and Catherine Dower

Paul and Stephanie Sullivan

Edward Sweet and Harold Stevens

Uma Thomas and Douglas Dove

Michael Ting and Stéphane de la Rue du Can

Alan and My True

Brian Turner and Emilie Mazzacurati

Ariane Van Der Straten and Georges Natsoulis

Jean-Luc and Agnieszka Vay

Norman and Jennifer Villarina

The Vollmerhausen-Glagau Family

Noor-Rahman Wais and Awatif Chirar

Zachary and Stephanie Walton

Joshua Wold and Silvana Bacigalupo-Wold



Douglas Gostlin

Nghi Huynh

Véronique, Sean, Brian and William Jordan

Mirza and Shantell Kopelman

Florence and Jules Kragen

Jennifer Monahan and Brian White

Antoine Portales

Roberte Rountree

Anthony and Lisa Siino

Brigitte Bastrenta and Rudolph Walter

Stacy Chandler and Stéphane Raingard

Thierry Durandard and Rick Richetta



Valérie and Daniel Bishop

Bénédicte Cambon-Ritter and Mark Ritter

Hannah Lê

Dominique Peytraud

Corinne Pluche

Laurent Rigobert and Ethel Brennan

Virginie Téjéro Gostlin

Elaine Wang and Todd Taylor



Samuel Arons

Jenine Durland

Briana Hall-Harvey

David Hoyt

Elizabeth Hoyt

William Hoyt

Rochelle Jones Morrissey and Chris Morrissey

Alexander Kaitz

Diana Kaitz

Monica Kaitz

Jordan Kelley

Mark Kragen

Olivia Kragen

Jeremy and Alexis Longinotti

Mindyn Longinotti

Dhara MacDermed

Elisa Malin

Filomene Morrison

Huntly Morrison

Hannah Rosenthal

Matthew Rosenthal

Andrew Schreyer

Anya Schwin Gibson and Casey Gibson

Saleh Tyebjee

Zia Tyebjee


Alumni Parents

Nicolas and Darlene Bearde

Mark Bostick and Marna Mignone

Gerald Bourne and Janice Prudhomme

Robert Brady and Sandra Simon

Anne Brandon

Timothy Burns and Laura Watts

Martha Chase

Steve and Gino Coulom

John Edward Dittoe, Alanna Benham Dittoe, and Kirstin Dittoe Cicero

Jacques and Fabiola Etienne

Joan Finnie

The Fontaine Family Charitable Fund

Michael Gill and Caryn Augst

Andrée Graham

Ann Hasse

Kurt and Brooke Hauch

Phil and Virginia Hoyt

Robert Hubbard and Marguerite Sprague

Eric Hughes and Priscilla Wanerus

Paul Johnson and Joan Steele

Adib and Karin Kanafani

Donald Kelley and Susan Getman

Ernest and Julianne Knell

Mark Levine and Irma Herrera

Rita Lewis

Fred Lonsdale

Alfredo and Vivian Lopez

Nazanine Maghsoudnia

Tom and Merideth Marschak

Howard Menashe

Cheryl Mills

Eric Naiman and Anne Nesbet

Karen Nelsen and Frederick Choate

The Nelson-Smits Family

Pierre and Laure Olivier

Patricia Prochaska and Gregory Klein

Karma, Mark and Hilary Roberts

Norman Ronneberg

David and Victoria Schumb

Michael and Alison Skubic

Linda Sonntag

Joan Steele and Paul Johnson

Alice Wilson

Fred Womack and Patty Brunn

Phillip Yocum and Diane Smith



Asseffa Abye and Pauline Brooks

Carol Allen

Ardene Anderson

Gerda Bloemraad

Hugh and Gail Burroughs

Barbara Campbell

William and Timothea Campbell

George and Sheri Clyde

Claire Clydesdale

Michael Cohen and Josiane Saulnier

Irving Cramer

Lynne Dominguez

Charles and Mary Donovan

Kitty Fassett

Mila Gelvezon

Robert and Nicole Hamilton

Phyllis Heenan

Linda Kazdova

Bruce Kern

Olga and John Korcuska

Joseph and Marianne Kuo

Martin and Dorothy Lefkovits

Stalky and Judy Lehman

Steven and Janice Marcom

William and Betty Nelson

Carl and Carolyn Nodolf

Michael and Janet Paige

Albert and Anna Pantaleo

Camille and Brian Pennix

Roy and Olga Plaut

John and Marianne Poppas

Phil Purdom and Jennifer Dawson

Javad and Shirin Rahimian

Milton and Hope Righetti

Annalisa Robles

Maria Ross

Richard and Shirley Rosseau

Marcel and Margrit Schurman

Donald and Karen Secor

Peter and Mary Kay Sidell

Robin Sim

Donald and Sara Sweet

Zygmunt and Maria Teodorczyk

Tom and Peggy Thomas

Ricardo and Viviana Villarina

Myrna Walton and Tom Tellefsen

William and Margaret Westerman

Steve and Linda Wood

Warren and Patricia Zeitlin



Eugene and Sonya Clark-Herrera

Alexis Detwiler

Michael Elliot

Layne Kesler

Marilyn Kinney

Mary Jane Kober

Jane Madden

Sasha Match

Ann McCarty

John and Judy McNulty

Beatriz Mendez Lora

Typhaine Métayer and Olivier Mazéas

Jennifer Moulton

Steve Oliver and John Komes, Oliver and Company

Dr. Michael Powell and Tana B. Powell

Jaywant Rao

Tim Secor

Françoise Sorgen-Goldschmidt and Olivier Goldschmidt

Marsha Williams


Corporations and Foundations

Adobe Systems Incorporated

Bedell Frazier Investment Counseling LLC

BlackRock Matching Gift Program

Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program

The Clorox Company Foundation

The Flora Family Foundation

French Mutual Benefit Society

The Galinson Foundation

Google Gift Matching Program

The Hartley Corporation

The Jewish Community Foundation

JP Morgan Chase Foundation

La Gauloise

La Ligue Henri IV

Les Faneurs

Parlement Français

Union Bank Foundation

The Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation




(list updated June 27, 2014)