Annual Fund

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a yearly campaign that raises necessary funds for the operation of the school and allows EB to maintain a high level of excellence through the retention of gifted faculty, the development of challenging programs, and the integration of innovative technologies. The Annual Fund represents approximately 3% of the total operating budget, a percentage we count on every year to meet our costs. 

As with most American independent schools, tuition payments alone do not fund the full cost of an EB education. Tuition and fees cover only 91% of the budget, creating a tuition gap of $2,800 per student. Along with other income and fundraising efforts, the Annual Fund must help bridge this gap between tuition and the full educational cost per student. For 2018-2019, the recommended gift per student is $1,950.

As the second-largest source of revenue after tuition, the Annual Fund is the cornerstone of our fundraising program. The Annual Fund supports many aspects of the school, but at its heart it allows us to continually invest in our programs, our staff and ultimately our children. 

Every gift is important. Your gifts allow us to nurture and sustain the qualities that set our school apart! Thank you for supporting our school!

Find out more about the Annual Fund on the FAQ section on this page or by checking out our Quick Fact Sheet below.

EB is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID: 94 242 7286.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Annual Fund? What does it do?

The Annual Fund is EB’s yearly effort to raise funds for the portion of annual operating expenses not covered by tuition.  At EB, small class sizes, special academic programs and supporting a diverse student body are core to our operation. This means that reaching our Annual Fund goals is critical for the continued programmatic excellence of our fully integrated bilingual curriculum, including arts and citizenship, technological resources, faculty development, and student support services. These are some of the elements that help set EB apart from other independent and public schools.

For the 2018-19 school year, our operating budget is set at $13.9 million. Tuition and fees will cover 91% of this, leaving a tuition gap of $2,800 per student. Along with other income and fundraising efforts, the Annual Fund must bridge this gap between tuition and the full cost of an EB education. The recommended Annual Fund gift this year is $1,950 per student.

My family is already paying tuition. Why should we also give to the Annual Fund?

The EB Board of Trustees is committed to keeping tuition at an affordable level. One way to accomplish this is to increase revenue through gift income. This is standard practice at all independent schools where on average (according to the NAIS - National Association of Independent Schools), tuition only covers 84% of operating budget.

The Annual Fund is needed to bridge the tuition gap, and it also provides a number of benefits to families, since gifts are:

  • Tax deductible
  • Adjustable to each family’s financial comfort
  • Eligible for corporate matching
  • A demonstration of community support to outside foundations, donors, and grant providers

At EB, tuition is set with the expectation of strong participation in the Annual Fund. Currently, the Annual Fund provides approximately 3% of EB’s operating budget. This is lower than most Bay Area Independent Schools, where Annual Fund campaigns average 9% of operating budgets. In order to maintain tuition levels, expand programs, and provide the benefits outlined earlier, EB’s Long-Range Development plan calls for an increase in Annual Fund revenues. 

Why is Annual Fund participation important?

Parent participation in the Annual Fund is fundamental for many reasons.

High participation is seen as a vote of confidence—a sign that parents and the entire EB community support the school’s mission and its children, and have made giving to EB their philanthropic priority.

Achieving a high participation rate also inspires outside funding sources, such as foundations that support Capital Campaigns and similar efforts. These organizations gauge the worth and impact of their grants on the community’s own commitment to the school.

Participation is also leveraged through corporate matching programs, where a single donation can be multiplied.

EB is evaluated for accreditation by the NAIS and CAIS (National - and California Associations of Independent Schools), during which time parent participation and giving are considered as an indicator of a vital and supported school community.

Every gift, whether large or small, has an important impact on the operations, health and spirit of our school.

Do donations support particular school programs?

Annual Fund donations are used to support all of EB’s operations and programs for the current academic year. The funds support our school’s diversity through financial aid, continued programmatic excellence, fully integrated bilingual curriculum, arts and citizenship programs, technological resources, faculty development, library, and student support services. 

At times, donors are also able to identify a specific designation for their gifts. Previous designations have included:

  • Financial aid
  • Program enrichment (i.e. libraries, field trips, visiting artists/writers, gardening classes, etc.)
  • Areas of greatest need

Gifts designated to the areas of greatest need will be incorporated into the school’s annual operating revenues, allowing our Board of Trustees to identify and prioritize expenditures in a strategic manner, taking into account all of the school’s needs. All gift designations truly benefit every EB student, every day.

Who donates to the Annual Fund?

We’re proud of the size and breadth of our giving community. Donors to the Annual Fund include the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni families, corporations, and friends of EB.

Is EB a registered non-profit organization?

Yes! EB is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Our tax ID number is: 94 242 7286.

How can I make a gift?

  • Make a yearly gift, set up a monthly gift online or make a pledge to be paid later on at:
  • Send or give a check to the Development Office, payable to Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley.
  • Donate a gift of stock. Contact Veronique Jordan to set up your gift.
  • Check out Ways to Give for more details.

Other questions?

Additional information about the Annual Fund will be provided to you during the school year via Gazette articles, mailings, and reports from Annual Fund parent volunteers. 

The Development Office is also pleased to answer any questions you may have about the Annual Fund, or to assist you in making a donation.

  • Director of Development: Florence Kragen 510-809-0605
  • Associate Director of  Development & Alumni Relations: Mei-Lin Ha Byers 510-809-0636
  • Advancement Assistant & Database Manager: Véronique Jordan 510-809-0619


Annual Fund Quick Fact Sheet