Lunch Service

Lunch Service

Ecole Bilingue’s hot lunch is provided by an outside vendor: Food For Thought. This catering company works with many schools in the region and prides itself for delivering tasty, healthy meals with nutritional emphasis at a reasonable price.

Food for Thought Catering

Food For Thought is committed to giving children a better planet by sourcing organic produce and fruits, biocompostable packaging, grass fed beef and free range/hormone free chicken breasts. Meals are made from scratch, not frozen or processed. There are no chemicals, preservatives or Trans fats in the food they serve. Food For Thought is sensitive to the needs of children with life threatening food allergies and does not use tree nut (e.g. walnuts, almonds, cashews, pine nuts, etc.) or peanut products (including butters or oils) in any of their meals or even in their facilities.

Meals are made fresh each morning, so they provide the best possible taste and texture. Over 12 meal choices are offered each day. The menu is diverse, has vegetarian options and each meal choice is provided with nutritional and allergen information. Parents have until 9am the day before service to make an order, so if for instance they want lunch on Monday, the order needs to be placed before 9am on Sunday.

Visit the page and create an account using your email address and the password “ecole”. Food for Thought is reachable by phone from 5am until 10pm, 7 days a week at (925) 876-3150, or by email at if families have questions or comments about the service.