Community Service

At EB, we place great importance in teaching citizenship. Participating in the community around them is an important way in which students can prepare for an active, responsible role in the wider world. Students begin by helping their peers, and gradually expand the scope of their service to include the community around them.

Middle School Students volunteering at the Alameda Food Bank in January 2017.

Our community service program starts in fourth  grade and continues at the Middle School level; here are just a few examples:

  • Fifth and eighth graders are trained to serve as conflict managers, who mediate playground disagreements.
  • Beginning in fourth grade, students can serve on the student council.
  • Several times during the year, our sixth graders work with Save the Bay, a group which works on environmental protection and wetlands restoration around the Bay Area. They help with shoreline cleanups, remove nonnative plant species, and learn about the Bay’s delicate ecosystem and ways to protect it.
  • Once a week, a group of Middle School students goes to volunteer at Berkeley’s Quarter Meal program, preparing and serving food.
  • We also help support the Alameda County Food Bank through periodic food drives at school and monthly trips to help sort and distribute food.