At EB, we believe that exercise in an essential component of a child’s education. Physical activity helps develop gross motor skills, helps children build essential social skills like teamwork and cooperation, and allows them to release energy so that they can focus in the classroom.

From preschool through kindergarten, our students have two sessions per week in our gym, where the equipment is specially designed to help young children develop balance and coordination.

In first and second grade, PE classes are led by the teachers. From third through eighth grade, PE classes are taught by specialists. Students continue to develop their motor skills while gaining familiarity with a wide range of sports and games, and learning how to balance competition and teamwork.

In addition to our physical education classes, we offer after-school sports opportunities. At the Lower School, these are integrated into our after-school classes, which always include activities such as dance, martial arts, or yoga. Co-ed team sports are offered at the Middle School, where students can participate in flag football (autumn), basketball (winter), and volleyball (spring). The EB Jaguars compete against other local independent schools, and hold 46 league championship titles! Please visit Coach’s webpage to check the schedule of games and view the list of championships.