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Balance Over Breaks: 5 Ways Parents Can Encourage Their Children to Take a Real Break

Chrissy Greer, Middle School Dean
Pre-teens & teenagers live with more pressure than they need. Sometimes they don’t even realize it themselves. That’s why it’s so important to unwind, learn to disconnect, relax, and reset for both their physical and mental health.
Pre-teens & teenagers must learn to take a break. Here are some tips to help your child take a real break over  Winter Break and beyond  (taken from familyeducation.com) 

5 Ways Parents Can Encourage Their Children to Take a Real Break:
  1. Take family walks
    Walking does both the body and mind a lot of good. It can be a kind of meditative exercise, and it’s a chance to get out in nature which is always healing. Walking side by side is also a great way for your teen to open up to you about what’s on their  mind. 
  2. Sign your teen and yourself up for a weekly yoga class
    Yoga is a perfect way to get out of the head and into the body. Having this time scheduled for the two of you can give you both a chance to unwind.
  3. Encourage your teen to try meditation
    Sitting in silence for just a few minutes and focusing on your breath can be one of the most efficient and rejuvenating activities your teen can possibly do. If a couple of minutes of silence is too challenging at first, Insight Timer is an excellent free guided meditation app. Working with your teen to set up a little corner of her room or a small space in the house that is conducive to meditation can be helpful.

  4. Schedule one night per week for the family to use no screens and no technology
    Even if you can make this happen for a couple of hours, it will be an opportunity for your teen to tap into more healthy ways to pass their time. Reading, drawing, catching up on sleep, or playing cards with the rest of the family can help her relax on a different level.

  5. Remove technology from the bedroom at bedtime
    Even the presence of technology in the bedroom can be distracting - whether it’s being used or not. Teens can never truly relax with the impulses to check their phone constantly flowing. Removing the blue light from tech screens also leads to a much better night’s sleep. Restful sleep is beyond necessary for teens, and it is the purest form of true rest and relaxation.

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