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A Parent's Guide to Google Classroom 

Chrissy Greer, Middle School Dean and Social Studies Teacher
Google Classroom is a resource that allows teachers to streamline communication with parents and students (G5 & up) in a paperless way. Teachers are able to easily assign work and share resources, and students can just as simply complete and return assigned work. Google Classroom is your one-stop-shop for all homework, classwork, and due dates!
How do I see my child’s classes? 
The main page of your child’s Google Classroom is called the Class Stream page. This is the "landing page" for Google Classroom, so you will go from here to access anything within the account. On the Stream, you will see upcoming due dates listed on the left-hand side. Down the middle, you will see teacher posts and a record of any assignments posted (if the teacher has that setting enabled).

How do I access my child’s assignments and homework?
On the Classwork tab, you will find your child’s assignments. To find your child’s homework assignments, go to the Homework topic in the Classwork tab. Many teachers use Google Classroom to post homework, so this is where you will find those assignments. To view more details of an assignment, click on it below each main topic. When you open an assignment, you can view additional details about that assignment: any instructions added, any attachments, the due date, the number of points available, and a rubric (if created for the assignment). There are several ways to turn in an assignment, so please pay close attention to the teacher's instructions for each assignment.  Once your child turns in an assignment, the circle to the left of the assignment will turn gray. 

How do I see upcoming assignments and due dates? 
From the Classwork tab you can also go to "View your work," "Google Calendar," and the "Class Drive folder." "View your work" allows your child to see all of their work compiled on one page. "Google Calendar" shows any upcoming assignments in a calendar format. The "Class Drive folder" links you to any class documents shared through Google Classroom by the teacher.

What if I still have questions?
If you still have any questions about Google Classroom, there are several very helpful resources online. We would recommend looking at YouTube/searching Google for any specific questions you may have about navigating Google Classroom. Also, ask the expert, you child! Most of them know the in’s-and-out’s of Google Classroom by now. If the question is regarding a specific assignment, please direct the question to the individual teacher. And as always, please feel free to reach out to your child Advisor, Student Dean, Ms. Greer - cgreer@eb.org, or MS Head, Mark Foster - mforster@eb.org if you have any questions, concerns, or joy to share! 

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