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Sixth Graders Create Mosaics

The Development Team
Meet Stephanie Colker, our new Middle School Social Studies Teacher! This semester, Ms. Colker's G6 class explored mosaics, which were popular and common in the Ancient Roman world.
Born and raised in London, England, Ms. Colker comes from a French-American bilingual family. She earned her BA in French Literature from Lake Forest College, IL and started her career in Paris, France where she taught English as a Second Language Instructor. She moved back to London in 2008 to pursue a career in Montessori education. She obtained her Montessori Teacher Qualification and after two years as a classroom teacher, teaching in a mixed-age environment, she became Head of School for the Maria Montessori School in Hampstead. 

Ms. Colker moved to Berkeley, CA in 2014. She spent the last seven years at Black Pine Circle School as the Head Teacher in both 2nd and 5th grade. She successfully managed complex student learning and performance experiences, including student written musical performances, cooperative presentation tasks, student created podcasts, and large holiday events. Some of these events were brand-new, and were co-created by Ms. Colker and her students.  

This semester, Ms. Colker's G6 class explored mosaics, which were popular and common in the Ancient Roman world. A mosaic is an image represented by small regular or irregular tiles, made using colored stone, ceramics or glass. Mosaics would traditionally show pictures of Roman history and everyday Roman life, and were often built by the wealthy as a sign of their stature and importance in society. For young EB historians, these mosaic images provide an insight into what Roman life was like and how they lived. 6th grade students were tasked with recreating an image of a peer using pieces of paper or magazine covering the surface. Can you tell who is who in the G6 class!?

This lesson perfectly melds the beauty of story-telling through history and art! The official French histoire-géographie program is combined with an American social studies curriculum in alignment with the National Council for Social Studies standards. The curriculum is taught by a bilingual teacher in French and English, and a block of history and geography, which is taught in French. Students gain historical knowledge that allows them to make sound connections between today's world and the past. They explore local and global themes, particularly in the areas of sustainable development and globalization. 

Our project-based learning approach:
  • Boosts critical thinking
  • Facilitates the practice of 21st century skills, such as oral and written communication skills, social responsibility and ethics, flexibility and adaptability, and collaboration and teamwork
  • Helps students to become engaged citizens of the world

Stephanie Colker is thrilled to join the EB community and we are equally happy to welcome her as one of our educators. Bienvenue Madame Colker !

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