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Author in Residence Program Returns with Orianne Lallemand

Elodie Resurreccion, French Curriculum Coordinator
As part of the Litt. Jeunesse 2022 (Youth Literature 2022) event, organized by Made in France, Orianne Lallemand visited our Kindergarten and G1 classes to introduce books touching on diversity and inclusion, such as le Loup qui avait un nouvel ami (The Wolf Who Made a New Friend) et Le petit monsieur (The Little Gentleman).
What is “Litt. jeunesse” Made in France ?

Made in France is a non-profit organization that, for the second consecutive year, created its French-speaking book festival in March 2022. This event was specially organized around the United States to bring author Orianne Lallemand to different schools. 
Who is Orianne Lallemand?

Orianne Lallemand  is a French author who loves words and splits her time between writing and leading workshops in schools and libraries. She lives with her husband and four children near Dinard, in Brittany, France. Here are some of her books :

At EB we were lucky to have Orianne Lallemand visiting us for one day and a half. She came into the three Kindergarten classrooms and two first-grade classrooms. During her visit, she introduced herself and “Loup” to the students. They were very happy to finally meet with Orianne Lallemand, the author of “Loup” ! Students had prepared for her visit by reading her books, and prepared questions for her. It was wonderful to have our Author-in-Residence program back!

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