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Career Month in G5

Fifth grade teachers Marion Tobie and Luc DeArmey were trying to figure out a way to get parents involved in the classroom, knowing that welcoming parents back on campus was still a ways out.
In order to inspire their students while learning from within the community, they decided to launch their very first G5 Career Month. Parents were invited to share a presentation about their careers and the reasoning behind what they do and why.
“It has been great to hear from folks who are passionate about their career choices. Our goal is to expose students to various kinds of career paths,” noted Luc DeArmey. Although Luc and Marion weren’t sure of the response they would receive thanks to parents’ busy schedules, they were happy to learn that parents and caregivers were extremely excited to participate in this career month, after being so far removed from the classroom these past few years. 

So far, fifth grade students have spoken with a podcast creator, a psychologist, a software engineer, a human resources manager and an investment banker. Students learned that some parents can and have “created” their own careers, and that not everyone follows a traditional career trajectory. Students also learned the significance of resilience— understanding that it takes a lot of determination and focus to stay on track with your goals in life. 

“We want to show our kids that a person’s career path is not a straight line, and there is a lot of decision-making along the way. It’s great to hear from people who seem generally interested in what they do and we want our kids to see the joy in loving what they do for work.”

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