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Middle Schoolers Bring Drama to Their Younger Peers

Emmanuel Labadie
What is a great way to build bridges between Middle Schoolers and students at the Lower School? How about by performing for them!
Seventh grade students have been working in Drama all semester to bring French language to life. Recently, they have focused on putting together productions that they could share with preschool students in the Maternelle. During the first two Wednesdays in December, under the leadership of Middle School French teacher Emmanuel Labadie, the seventh graders performed a short play about clowns for the little ones at the Lower School. They received a warm welcome and had a great time sharing their play with students from PS to 5th grade.

Through Drama class, students are allowed to explore a number of characters and by doing so learn more about their own personalities. Through weekly workshops and exercises, Drama class promotes collective adventure and helps build relationships between students. It allows everyone to find their place in a group, invites them to speak, to share their point of view, to listen, and teaches them to respect the views of others. Drama class allows all those who wish to discover the pleasure of acting to do so in a safe and inclusive space, regardless of their experience with performing. Each student is encouraged to find their way, according to their desires, their challenges, and their rhythm.

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