Parents' Association

Welcome to the Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley Parents’ Association

The EB Parents’ Association (PA) was created in 1978. The purpose of the PA is to:

  1. support EB and EB’s mission as may be requested by the EB Administration and the EB Board of Trustees
  2. support EB’s strategic and operational goals
  3. provide informational support for PA members and to help facilitate  communication between PA members and the EB Administration, faculty, and the Board of Trustees

All parents are automatically members of the Parents’ Association (there are no dues) and elect 9 officers annually. Parents can participate by attending the regularly scheduled Open PA Meetings and by volunteering to assist in school events and activities—visit the PA website for a complete list of PA committees and event descriptions. (Login required.) You can also contact the PA Board via email at

From attending our First Friday Coffee, joining a committee, or working at and attending other events, EB families will meet fellow parents and contribute to the larger community at EB.

The mission of the PA is to build positive school spirit and to nurture communication among PA Members and the EB Administration, faculty and the Board of Trustees.

To find out more about the volunteer opportunities at EB, visit the PA website, read the information under the Volunteer tab, fill out the online survey under Sign-Up to Volunteer, email the PA Board at, or follow-up with your Room Rep. 

Money raised by the PA supports EB’s operating budget, including professional development, financial aid, and other needs of the school.

Come and be an active member and make a difference to your student’s experience at EB!

Any questions? Email the PA Board at


Meet The Parents’ Association Team

The PA Board

Officers are elected positions and sit on the PA Board.

  • Anglophone Co-President: Todd Vollmerhausen
  • Francophone Co-President: Setenay Bozkurt Frucht
  • Anglophone Co-Vice President: Steve Levine
  • Francophone Co-Vice President: Maria Reyes
  • Secretary: Beverly King
  • Treasurer: Laura Carmany
  • Communications Secretary: Libby Hruska
  • Volunteer Coordinator: TBD          
  • Room Representative Coordinator for Preschool to Grade 1TBC
  • Room Representative Coordinator for Grade 2 to Grade 5: Jesica Goldhammer-Zebouah
  • Room Representative Coordinator for Grade 6 to Grade 8: Karine Tripier

The PA Chairs 

Chairs are appointed positions and sit on the PA Board. Only one chair per event (Auction, Marché, World Celebrations, Annual Fund) sits on PA Board.  

  • Live and Silent Auction Chairs: Stephanie Ross, Robin Kirby
  • Online Auction Chair: Nicola Pravato
  • Place du Marché Chairs: Robert Lee, Natasha Boissier
  • World Celebrations Chair: Fatimatou Fall (Co-Chair position is TBD)
  • Student Run/Walk-a-thon Chair: Mike Geddes
  • Annual Fund Chairs: Hal Stevens, Pria Hidisyan

Committee Chairs

Committee chairs are appointed and work with Liaison from PA Board.

  • Welcome Committee: Karoline Robbins and Karine Tripier
  • Diversity Events: Anosha Zereh-Misaghi, Rachel Scherrer
  • EB Spirit WearTBD
  • First Friday Coffees: Golriz Ardebili, Erin McCormick and Jeremy Bled
  • Festival of Lights: TBD
  • PA WebmasterTBD
  • Parent Enrichment Events: Steve Levine, 2 co-chairs needed
  • Rebates: Yvette Hatton
  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day: Petra Fibrichova 


The Role of Room Representatives

Each class has one or more parent Classroom Representatives (“Room Reps”) whose role is primarily to facilitate communication between your child’s teachers and the other parents on non-academic issues. The Room Rep is also the communication link between parents and the Parents’ Association Board. (The PA Board is in charge of organizing all major festivities at EB such as the Marché, World Celebration, and the Auction). 

Practically speaking, it means recruiting volunteers in your class for various duties such as chaperoning field trips and carpool or coordinating classroom events with the teachers. Room Reps are also sometimes asked to pass on prepared communications to the other parents of their class about school-wide events. 

Ideally, the responsibilities are shared between 2 or 3 Room Reps in each classroom. 

Being a Room Rep can be very fun! It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the teachers, the children, and the parents better. It is also a great way to feel connected to the EB community, experience what is going on in the classroom first hand, and to develop a deeper understanding of how the school works.

All the Room Reps are supported during the year by a Room Rep Coordinator who can help with any questions. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact the Room Rep Coordinator for your grade.

Parents Enrichment Events

Parent Enrichment forums are presented and funded by the Parents’ Association and supported by the administration.Lisa Damour on Early Adolescence: Understanding and Guiding Young Teenagers

Past Parent Enrichment events have included:

  • A screening of the film “Race to Nowhere” and lively discussion led by the film’s director
  • An evening encounter with EB’s own Dean of Student Life and explanation and demonstration of how Mindfulness is being integrated into EB
  • A presentation by an EB parent and LinkedIn employee about how EB parents can best use LinkedIn to network for personal and professional needs
  • A lecture on the Power of Play by Playworks founder Jill Vialet
  • A conversation about diversity and inclusion in one’s family with Dereca Blackmon, Director of Education and Training in the Diversity and First Generation Office at Stanford University
  • A presentation by Elli Nagai-Rothe, a Restorative Justice Affiliate with SEEDS Community Resolution Center, to learn more about the strategies of Restorative Justice, which aims to encourage dialogue and respectful relationships
  • A presentation by Dr. Damour, author of the New York Times best-selling book Untangled, Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood, spoke about “Early Adolescence: Understanding and Guiding Young

Topics under consideration for the 2017-2018 school year TBD.


EB Commons

When families needs to find a violin teacher, suggest a camp, sell a dresser, buy a couch, they can go to the EB Commons (Google) group.

The purpose of the EB Commons is to share resources and recommendations within the EB community, help welcome new families to Berkeley, and connect EB individuals with similar interests. The group is open to parents, teachers, staff and alumni.

This is a place where you can inquire about camps, childcare, rentals, family trips, contractors, private tutors, carpooling, practicing French, English, and more! This is not a list to discuss school-specific issues: any issues or concerns about EB should be raised with the school.