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Websites to Enrich the Learning at Home

Blog Type:  Bilingualism Lower School
Date Posted:  Sunday, September 15, 2019

Students in grades 1 to 5 now have access to two websites that they can use at school and at home and help provide differentiation in two core subject areas: reading and math.

Matching students to their right book level in English and French

Raz Plus is a website and app which allows students to access leveled text in English and French. As you know, we use a balanced literacy approach for reading and writing at EB. Part of this approach is matching students to their “just right” book level in each language. 

Screenshot of Zearn.
Screenshot of Raz Plus

Research shows us the more a student reads at their independent reading level, the more they will progress. Often it’s difficult for parents to find those “just right” books in their home or community libraries without the diagnostic tools that teachers use. Students also progress through levels very quickly at younger ages. Raz will be a great resource to address this issue.

Teachers use formal and informal assessments to continuously monitor the reading level of students in French and English. Every student has their own unique Raz account and teachers dictate what level books they have access to read in each language. Students can read books, record themselves reading so their teacher can listen and take quizzes. 

Visit raz plus


In English, students also have the opportunity to listen to books. Kids love making their own choices in their customized virtual library. They also earn points for activities completed and use those points to design their own avatar. While real books are always the gold standard, Raz can be helpful to motivate reluctant readers, assure the proper reading level and can be easily used on the go. 

Learning math with activities tailored to your child's level

Zearn is a website that aligns with our adopted mathematics curriculum. It covers the American math standards and is inspired by elements of Singapore math especially with its use of models such as number bonds and various bar models. Every student in grades 1-5 has a unique account. They cycle through various lessons with a variety of activities. 

A screenshot of the Zearn website

There is a teaching portion where students watch an interactive video to learn a concept. There are fluency games and activities some of which are tied to the lesson and some of which are adaptive and differentiated for each student. 

In the Tower of Power activity, students are assessed on the lesson concept. If they demonstrate mastery, the next lesson in the progression is unlocked. If they are struggling with concept, there are activities provided for remediation. 

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Zearn is used at school but it is a wonderful resource for home learning during the school year and the school breaks!