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Tracking Preschoolers’ Learning

Blog Type:  Preschool
Date Posted:  Sunday, October 13, 2019

In 2015 the French Ministry of Education created new programs for the Maternelle in order to emphasize the need for a caring education that values the progress and successes of the students from Toute Petite Section to Kindergarten. Promoting the success of all students requires changing the modalities of their assessment towards a positive evaluation, benevolent, valuing progress, encouraging initiatives. To achieve this, teachers were asked to design a way of assessing children in order to measure the degree of acquisition of knowledge and skills, as well as the progression of the student.

Over the past two years, our teachers, with the help of our French Coordinator, Sylvie Lemeur, worked as a team to research and develop a “cahier de réussites” for our students in TPS through GS, using the Progress Indicator Guide and Kindergarten Programs. The proposed progress indicators were defined with reference to the skills expected at the end of Cycle 1 in the five domains of learning (Math, Science, gross-motor skills, fine-motor skills and art, and language). 

Students can visualize their progress

Teachers thought about the form they wanted to give it and the “observables” they wanted to choose in order to make the children’s progress visible and readable. By design, those “observables” will not be ranked by year but by the children’s age and their individual progress. Teachers also chose to represent those “observables” with stickers that students will paste in a workbook in order to validate a learning in a particular skill. Thus, as the pages fill up, children are able to visualize his/her progress and to formulate his/her goals.

For this school year, teachers and Sylvie have chosen to experiment with these workbooks focusing on two domains: Math and Science. In November, parents will see these workbooks in the classrooms with a picture on it identifying your child. For more flexibility, the workbooks will be spiral bound (so we can add pages) and the pages will be color-coded in order to differentiate the two areas of learning. 

Diary of a child's learning

The “cahier de réussites” is an tool that allows each teacher to highlight, beyond the result obtained, the progress of the child and the progress s/he makes in relation to her/himself. It allows everyone to identify their successes, to keep track of them and to see their evolution. Associating the child, whenever possible, with the identification and understanding of her/his progress allows the child to better capture the expectations of the school. 

We are very happy with the tool we have created so far. Though it will likely evolve over the next few years, it portrays a child’s progress over her/his schooling in Preschool and Kindergarten. The “cahier de réussites” is like a diary of your child's learning path. We hope your child will enjoy this tool and that you will see the benefit of it as well.