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Thank you for a Wonderful Year!

Date Posted:  Tuesday, July 2, 2019

As our academic year draws to a close we have much to celebrate and many happy memories to look back on. My heart and mind are still buzzing with the excitement of the many graduations and end-of-the-year ceremonies. I am so proud of our students! Their performances on stage, their graduation speeches and their many achievements in class, sports, music or the arts, just to name a few, are a humbling and a fervent reminder of our mission. I am honored to be part of this caring and innovative team of educators, and I want to highlight a few of our accomplishments this year. 

We first kicked off the year by launching our strategic plan, which serves as a road map for EB until 2023. This plan is critical for our school as it helps to keep us focused on key priorities over the next four years. It emphasizes consolidation along with steady improvements in our programs, practices, and facilities. The plan also reaffirms our mission as a bilingual school and our dual identity as a French-American international school.

A second grade teacher uses the tape diagram model in math. This year, the school has developed a harmonized and bilingual math curriculum unique to EB.

Out of the many ongoing strategic projects going on, I want to highlight a few that are particularly dear to my heart. The first concerns our academic program, with a five year plan to develop our “Projet d’école” (“School Project”). This plan aims to strengthen our bilingual and bicultural teaching practices, foster a differentiated approach to learning in the classroom, and revamp the math and STEM programs, among other ambitious goals. 

Another highlight of the year is our robust admissions season, with our highest number of inquiries and applications to the school since 2015. More and more families are convinced that an international, multilingual education emphasizing critical thinking, cross-cultural communication, and an appreciation of differences is essential in the world we live in today. We couldn’t agree more!

EB has experienced one of its strongest admissions season this year. Thank you, parents, for supporting EB!

Finally, I want to acknowledge the tremendous work — often behind the scenes — at the operations level. From safety with the ALICE certification, to information technology with the move to a fully integrated database system, to grounds improvement, and the development of a Facilities Master Plan, I am excited to see the results of the seeds we’ve planted this year.

Over the summer vacation I will be working with colleagues to put in place a smooth opening to the new school year and set the priorities to continue executing our strategic plan. 

As I end my second year as EB's head of school, I enjoyed developing more personal connections with students and parents alike.

One of my most enjoyable roles in my second year as EB’s Head of School has been to get an even better sense of the “EB spirit," by spending time with students and parents. I really want to thank you, parents and guardians, for all your support, and for entrusting us with your children. I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be part of the EB community as an educator, a parent, and a leader. 

To those of you who are leaving for new places and adventures, we wish you all the best. For our returning families, I look forward to welcoming you all back, refreshed, for what will be an exciting, new academic year.