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TEDxYouth 2019: Bigger than us

Blog Type:  Middle School
Date Posted:  Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Back on November 14th, eight middle school students and two adult speakers inspired the school's largest TEDx Youth@EB audience ever - nearly 100 attendees. The theme of this year's event was "Bigger than Us" and the inspiring topics ranged from learning about the scientific discovery of blood reproduction to the possibility that we can control the timing of our own deaths. 

The 2019 team of student speakers.

From drones and the internet to questions about judgment and self-love all the speakers did an amazing job. The students start working on their TED talks over the summer and then dedicate lunch hours and after school rehearsals to prepare for the event. Congratulations and thanks to all the parents, teachers, staff who play an instrumental role in putting this event together.

"Search the background of your plate," Axel Hanley challenges us to think about what we eat and become more aware of our food sources. Give being a flexitarian a try!

Feminism is alive and well at EB middle school where Alexandra Kozlova and some classmates start a feminist club to advocate for equal pay and fair taxation. The club's mission to go beyond their own school is definitely bigger than us. 

What role do you let others play in your life?  Who do you let in? Sophie Vollmerhausen shares her personal story of finding self-love because nothing is bigger than you.

Marcus Lefkovits encourages us to become more aware of the unintended consequences of using the internet. What is an essential and helpful tool can also hurt us if we aren't more conscious of our actions? 

The mind is a powerful thing.  Is it so powerful that we can control our own deaths? Maelle Griffin shares her hypothesis that we have the willpower to control our own destiny in this bigger than us topic.

Many people may think of drones as just fancy toys, but James Poff sheds light on the many advances drones are making to help improve health, safety and security in our everyday lives.

Clara Chaillou moved to the United States when she was 5 and needed to learn a new language, make friends and figure out her place in her new world.   Is it possible to do this without judging her? Clara shares her inspiring story. 

How many students have asked their teachers, "when am I ever going to use this?"  Tobias Prichard-Bossier has a proposal for adding "Adulting 101" to the high school curriculum so everyone can learn about relevant personal finance topics and get on the path to financial success. 

Watch all the videos (including the adult speakers) from this year and past years.