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Supporting my child’s writing journey

Blog Type:  Lower School
Date Posted:  Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Usually fine motor skills are associated with hand motricity and finger motricity (manipulating small objects). It is also eye-hand (ocular) motricity, and tongue (articulation) motricity. Fine motor skills are important at school for activities such as cutting, writing, underlining, coloring, pasting, etc. In this article, EB’s support team provides parents with tips on how to reinforce motricity skills.

Learning how to write in cursive in a first grade class.

How to reinforce finger motricity:

  • Open a clothespin several times in a row
  • Use the thumb/index grip to put several/many small rocks from the table to the other hand and then redo the same exercise the opposite way (from the hand to the table)
  • Play Mikado game
  • Put flat hand on a table and ask your child to raise one finger at a time with one hand only, then the other hand and then simultaneously. Start from thumb to little finger and do the same opposite way.
  • Pretend to play the piano.
  • Distribute cards when playing a card game.

How to reinforce pre-writing skills:

  • Place some weighted pillows to stabilize lower body when writing
  • Practice the strength of the pressure starting from light to strong and reverse
  • Verbalize how to trace letters; help to memorize the “drawing” (to trace a “A” I trace one oblique line from top to bottom then start another oblique line from top to bottom and finally trace a horizontal shorter lane in between)
  • Write the letters in the air – always above the head
  • Ask your child to think of the gesture before tracing the letters
  • Use drawing games such as labyrinth and dot-to-dot activities
  • Change type of pencils (pens, markers, etc.)

Learn more about things you can do at home to support your child as he/she learns how to write.