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Robotics in Grade 3

Blog Type:  STEM Lower School
Date Posted:  Monday, December 17, 2018

In Grade 3, our students are discovering solids (a cube, sphere, cylinder and pyramid), their name, their shape and their silhouette, through Beebot, a little robot they have programed to walk towards the different common objects that are solids.

It took a bit of time and effort for our students to code the different paths towards the objects. Then they had to imagine seeing through the eyes of their robot in order to draw the different silhouettes of each solid. This activity enables our students to begin modeling 3D shapes from different perspectives.

It was an interactive, fun and creative activity for our children, and a way for them to develop and implement different skills, such as:

  • Logic, by using coding to walk the bot through the different paths
  • Math concepts, by learning about the different 3D shapes and the views from the bot
  • Problem-solving techniques, by trying to understand the problem, break it down into smaller steps, resolve the mistakes and cooperate on the same task

During the second lesson, students had to compare their drawings of the silhouettes. Later, pupils will learn how to interpret a plane representation of space, figures and patterns (such as a cube or a rectangular parallelepiped).

The cross-disciplinary skills used in this activity, along with collaboration and communication, were vital to achieving their goals.