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Rethinking Physical Education during COVID

Date Posted:  Friday, December 18, 2020



This year the curriculum in PE was diligently adjusted to meet the COVID guidelines.

 We try to keep as much as possible the substance of the program by providing the students with  physical  and playful activity individually and with their peers whether on Zoom or in person.  All activities were possible because the school was able to provide each student with his/her own equipment.

 For this challenge to make sense for students and allow them to quickly adapt to the routine, we didn't change the normal class structure below. They knew what to expect when they open their Zoom or walk to the playground:

  1. Warm-ups – Stretches
  2. Athletics, Fitness or Sport Skills
  3. Closing Activity 
  4. Homework on ZOOM ( Students may need parent help. 1 min movie or 1 picture)

Most sessions were super dynamic. The students were engaged. The lessons were done with some slides and the teacher’s guidance so it was easy for the students to stay active along the way.

When it comes to teaching Physical Education in person in the time of COVID, it requires some creativity and adjustment to most games and activities to make them feasible for the purpose:

For example instead of touching with the hands to tag in the chasing games, we are using some flags to play most games that the students enjoyed in the past. Sports are focused on more individual skills than team games.



Switching from Zoom to the playground was impressive. The students already knew the different steps of the class that the transition went smoothly.  The kids spent more time learning new skills,  playing games and having fun.

At this point of the year a lot has been done to keep the students active in the physical education class. The class is inspired by the original curriculum and adjusted to the COVID guidelines. I observed that the students understand the seriousness of the situation in general and respect the rules with common sense. All the respect goes to these young minds and bodies who are navigating through this unstable environment with so much humility, dignity and joy. Bravo à tous les enfants.