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Promoting Inclusion in the Classroom

Date Posted:  Wednesday, February 12, 2020

EB continuously strives to be a community where all students, faculty, staff and parents feel happy, safe and recognized. A school community that is diverse and inclusive. Those goals are deeply embedded in our Mission, Vision and Values. Every day, our teachers bring these values to life in the classroom and we see this especially present in SEL and Advisory.

We have aligned the monthly topics addressed in both SEL and Advisory to create a developmentally appropriate continuum from Grades 1 through 8. 

Christopher Colebourn leads restorative justice circles during SEL time with his students.

In January, the theme was “Power of Words”. Students learned that their words have power and can have a harmful impact on others but they can also be used to empower themselves and others. They discussed how words can either create divide or build bridges. They practiced empathy and how to apologize meaningfully. 

During the month of February, Black History Month, students will be learning about Black scientists and inventors while also exploring and celebrating their own sense of racial identity. 

Over the next months, students will dive into topics such as analyzing and breaking down gender stereotypes, gender identity, our role in stopping climate change, and understanding and respecting learning differences.