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Poetry Seeps Out of the Classroom

Blog Type:  Arts Lower School
Date Posted:  Monday, April 8, 2019

Le Printemps des Poètes is an annual celebration of poetry in France during the month of March. In school, students learn poems and march around campus to deliver them to others in what is called Brigade D’Intervention Poétique (also known as “BIP”, or Poetic Response Brigade).

For a couple of weeks in March, our 5th graders were regularly seen walking around in small groups, storming into classrooms or administrative offices, reciting, reading, singing or acting poems that they memorized!

Students were particularly excited about this project and took the time to research their poems with librarian Sylvie Le Meur. They also created special flags and posters to spread the word around the school.

The goal of this program was to show students that poetry doesn’t strictly need to be recited, in fact, it can take many forms. It is also a great opportunity for our students to practice their public speaking skills and strengthen the ties within the community.

This successful new initiative might spread to other grades next year!