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An Opera at School

Blog Type:  Lower School
Date Posted:  Monday, December 17, 2018

Opera a la Carte has a long tradition at Ecole Bilingue, and is part of a program sponsored by the SF Opera designed to familiarize youth with opera. This year the performance was an adaptation of Donizetti's comic opera "The Elixir of Love." Written over a six-week period, this opera buffa is about the naive Nemorino who believes that a love potion will win him Adina's heart.

A group of 5th graders, chosen for their acting skills, began their preparations in October with their music teacher. Ms. Kuhry was given very precise guidelines to fill all the requirements of the program. The three classes of 5th graders were also part of the show, and had to learn two songs during their music classes: "Let's Sing a Rousing Toast" and"My Elixir is Perfection.” They also needed to memorize the lines, lyrics and blocking to be able to perform alongside professional singers.

The day of the assembly, the student actors were excited to meet the three singers and the pianist, and to see their costumes. The professionals did an amazing coaching job before the performance, fine-turning and making last adjustments with the students and the chorus (all the 5th graders), giving them all great advice.

The result of all this fun but intense work was a splendid show! Bravo to all!