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"Music Brings us Together"

Blog Type:  Arts Preschool
Date Posted:  Friday, December 21, 2018

One of the highlights in Kindergarten at EB is music class with teacher (and EB parent) Mike Roberts. For the last few years, this accomplished guitarist and composer has been spending time regularly with all three K classes to help students discover that “music is fun, music makes us feel good, music brings us together!”

Most recently, the students have been rehearsing with Mike their songs for Family and Friends’ Day, a holiday celebration happening during the last week of school in December. The songs are “Bonjour!” and “Soyons amis” by Alain Le Lait, “Je suis Tatou” (from their Tatou curriculum), “Kye Kye Kule,” a traditional song from Ghana, and “Vive le Vent/Jingle Bells.” Watch them perform during the most recent Winter Show!

“I truly enjoy teaching young children and working with them over a full year, because we get to try things out and build on what we have learned”, says Mike. Indeed, through the process of rehearsing for their performance, the students have learned fundamental musical skills and concepts such as: listening, the basic science of sound, instrumental types (percussion/wind/string), warming up to sing, the solfege scale (do-re-mi, etc.), keeping a beat and counting, singing as a group and following a director, and many other aspects of music education.

Introducing music at the Kindergarten level makes sense: “At this age, they are learning social ties and how to be with people, and music helps them to come together. They can see that they can create something beautiful by singing and performing as a group, and that’s very powerful”, says Mike.