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Middle School Expansion Update

Blog Type:  Middle School
Date Posted:  Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Anyone visiting the Middle School since the beginning of September has had the chance to see the first fruits of our Middle School expansion project. Our new Middle School Performing Arts room has been a real boon to our program while our expanded classrooms on the second floor have given our teachers and students more room to work with.

Sliding white boards are being installed on the future MakerSpace in the new wing of the Middle School, slated to open to students in January 2019.

An indirect benefit of the new space has been the refurbishing of the Middle School Library. Moving music and drama out of the library has freed it up to look and feel more like a real library and less like a multi-purpose room. Finally, the Middle School staff was very happy to be able to celebrate the inauguration of the new Faculty Lounge early October.

The next phase of the Middle School expansion includes completing our Creativity Hub, featuring our Makerspace, adding new Spanish and Mandarin classrooms, and establishing a resource area for teachers and small groups. The hope is that all of these spaces will be available to us by the beginning of next year.

Look for even more developments after the winter break, as we look towards changing to a more central entrance to the Middle School and the establishment of recording rooms for our Music program.