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Middle School 2020 Fall Updates

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Date Posted:  Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Indigenous People’s Day at the Middle School

The Middle School marked the school’s observance of Indigenous People’s Day this past October 12 in a number of ways. The actual day was observed with an all-school assembly with remarks from the Head of School and a Land Acknowledgement by Ms. Hedlund. However, more in-depth work was done in English, Social Studies, and Advisory classes.

In English, 6th graders began their Indigenous Peoples' Global Summit on Climate Change, a Zinn Education Project three-class unit in which students will learn about and then represent the concerns and needs of various indigenous people for future food and resource security as climate change impacts their homes, lands, traditions, and cultures. It is a Zinn Education Project unit. For the last week, in G7 English, both English teachers Ms. Hedlund and Ms. Campbell, discussed Native American culture and the impacts of racism in the story by Sherman Alexie entitled "Indian Education." Grade 7 Social Studies is in the midst of its pre-colonized North America unit, while grade 8 will do some readings aligned with the completion of “This I Believe” essays, some of which relate to Indigenous issues. Finally, during this last week’s Advisory class, students will be talking and learning more about Indigenous People's Day. 

The Middle School takes great pride in recognizing the contributions and rich culture along with demythologizing the history of Indigenous Peoples.

EB Virtual Community Events

Around 20-25 middle schoolers participated in the first Middle School EB Virtual Community Event this past 25th of September. Students and teachers played Cranium, an interactive game with different categories (trivia, Pictionary, charades, and math/word riddles) and ended the night with a rocking glow in the dark dance party. The Middle Schoolers strutted their stuff and some of them really got into the mood with a full-on disco experience. The next event on the calendar is Friday, October 30, with campfire stories and a pumpkin carve. Families will carve pumpkins virtually on zoom and while the carving is taking place, students and parents can share their favorite spooky stories. We’ll end the with smores over the campfire. The singing of Kumbayah is optional!

Citizenship Day 2020

Every year, Middle School students gather with teachers and staff at the beginning of the year for Citizenship Day. During this day, they play games, share stories, and discuss what EB’s values are and how they tie into being a good citizen. Thanks to distance learning this year, things looked quite different. Although most of us aren't getting to travel to our favorite tropical locations, our students started off the year on EB’s very own piece of paradise! On Citizenship Day, students visited a virtual island where their EB values were tested. From Mt. Endeavor where they took part in different mini-challenges and games to The Jungle of Integrity where students worked together to solve riddles and puzzles, fun was had by all! Thank you to our incredible teachers who made this day a reality for the students. Though Citizenship Day looked different, the spirit and joy that makes EB such a special place, was ever-present.

Middle School Student Council 

The 2020-2021 Middle School Student Council has commenced! In September, all students had the opportunity to submit a petition for a Class Representative position, and we are thrilled to welcome Aoife Westover, Samara Minor, Roxie Sweetstevens, and Persys Shadfar as new members of the Student Council who will be joining co-Presidents Maelle Griffin and Margot Johnson, Secretary Maddy Kelly, Treasurer Jules Droz, and Spirit Committee members Juniper Hedlund, Alexandra Jameson, and Lucas Mazzacurati-Turner. Student leaders meet every Monday and Friday—they have been working hard to brainstorm different ways to cultivate community among their peers while distance learning is taking place. Currently, they are planning a virtual Fall Festival coming your way in October, keep your eyes and ears open for this festive, fun-filled fall extravaganza!

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