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Learning from Helping Others at Glide Memorial

Date Posted:  Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Eighth graders made their annual trip to Glide in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco this past January. In addition to spiritual ministry, Glide offers social services to its community. Mme. Bishop and Mme. Filato accompanied 8B while Ms. Hedlund and M. Labadie traveled with 8E.

Students took a walking tour of the Tenderloin led by a member of the community. They learned about the neighborhood’s history, its status as the only neighborhood protecting SRO’s (single room occupancy), and the myriad of services from medical care to mobile shower units to senior and family housing that local agencies provide. After the tour, students help serve meals to guests at Glide. On each of our trips, students helped serve more than 800 meals as well as prepare food for future meals.

EB families are encouraged to volunteer with the community organizations our students have visited, Alameda County Community Food Bank and Glide. More information can be found on the organization's website.