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Learning About Sustainability in Preschool

Blog Type:  Preschool
Date Posted:  Tuesday, October 23, 2018

On October 11, children in the petite and moyenne section classrooms C, D and 1 went on a field trip to Adventure Playground in Berkeley, one of the top rated play spaces in the country. Adventure Playground is a unique playground where children can play, build, hammer, paint and and climb on forts, boats and towers. It was great fun for all but it was also a good starting point to explore sustainability and answer questions like, "How can I reuse that?” and “How can I help keep the earth green?”

Since Adventure Playground is made out old and reused materials, teachers took this opportunity to talk about recycling in the classroom. Before the field trip, they collected all the garbage in one big box for a day, then at the end of the day, they sorted everything out and learned where to put each piece back in the correct bin - compost, recycle or landfill. It was a good opportunity to learn what goes where in the different colored bins in the classroom. They learned why reusing, recycling and composting are important for our planet.

A preschooler uses a real hammer at Adventure Playground.

Students then painted pieces of cardboard with the different colors of the bins, green, blue and black, and will create informational signs showing examples of what goes where to make the recycling process easier so they can remember where to throw away their things going forward. Teachers capitalized on this fun activity to develop vocabulary in French: “bois”, “papier”, “carton”, “plastique”, “verre”, and “recycler”, which students did a lot!

Classes discussed other ways they could help the earth as well. After reading some books about helping keep the earth healthy, they thought things they can do to help keep the earth green: by bringing their bags to the supermarket, putting their leftovers in the compost, using both sides of the paper, reusing paper towel rolls for crafts, etc. Each class painted a big earth and posted their ideas around it.

The theme of sustainability may have been launched by the field trip to Adventure Playground, but it’s a topic that these young children will encounter throughout the year and throughout their lives. They are learning very important lessons in how to keep their planet healthy and finding that it’s not difficult to do and even fun!