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Learning About Asian Art and History

Blog Type:  Middle School
Date Posted:  Friday, April 12, 2019

All 6th grade students went on an immersive day trip to explore Asian culture and art in San Francisco in March. Mandarin, history and art teachers all worked together to prepare this multidisciplinary field trip.

In the morning, students explored the galleries of the Asian Art Museum and they participated in a brush painting workshop. Then they had the chance to visit the City Hall of San Francisco guided by a 6th grader's parent.

In the afternoon, the students headed to Chinatown where they participated in a “chasse aux trésors” (treasure hunt) organized by the Middle School History and Geography teacher Aurélia Filato, to discover the secrets of this historic part of town. In small groups, students used a district map to find specific locations within Chinatown and answer questions about its distinctive art, culture, and area landmarks.

The team with the most accurate answers won! While navigating the streets of Chinatown proved challenging for our students, all students had fun figuring out the answers.