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Ideas for a greener school

Blog Type:  Lower School
Date Posted:  Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Eco-school program is in full swing. Since September, our 11 eco-delegates have been busy calculating the school waste production, marking litter in the yard and finally deciding and agreeing on a common action plan. Some ideas of the action plans have already been put in motion. 

One of the bird feeders on the lower school campus. Bird feeders were installed as part of a goal to increase wildlife at the school.

Waste management ideas:

  • Put more trash cans in the yard
  • Have the students bring more plastic-free food
  • One grade per week on duty to clean up the yard
  • Eco-class or clean up session during aftercare
  • One day per week dedicated to recycled crafts with Joe
  • Encourage the students to be eco-friendly and award them a Nature Badge
  • One week dedicated to an event: bring your trash home (BYTH)

Biodiversity ideas:

  • Teach the students to respect the trees and plants
  • Replace/plant/grow trees and plants that are good for insects, birds
  • Buy mini fences to protect some areas
  • Planting activities during garden class with the different grades
  • Build insect hotels and birdhouse
  • Create a “Biodiversity Morning”: by exhibiting the trees and plants of the gardens, or creating an exchange market of flowers and plants

Not all the ideas will be feasible but some are already underway. There are birdhouses to feed the birds during the winter season in the yard, and fifth graders are working on designing insect hotels as part of a maker project. 

Heads-up! EB wants to celebrate Earth Day's 50th anniversary that is coming up on April 22, 2020. The school is planning activities to educate and engage the community of students, parents and staff around this year's Earth Day theme of "Climate Action." Parents who work in the environmental sector - or simply care deeply about our home planet are encouraged to contact Maria DiGiano ​or Jeremy Townsend to help out.