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How to Choose a High School?

Blog Type:  Alumni Middle School
Date Posted:  Tuesday, February 12, 2019

After EB, students have a variety of options to choose from for high school. A typical graduating class at EB matriculates on average to anywhere between 10 to 15 different high schools -- public, charter, independent private, parochial, boarding, and French bilingual. On January 24, 7th grade parents attended a presentation to learn about the next steps after EB and how to start preparing for the transition to high school.

See High School Presentation

There are many high school opportunities available to students depending on their family situation and their academic and extra-curricular aspirations. Those students who choose the private school option typically get into their first choice high school. Though the cost of the independent high schools is rising, many private schools offer financial aid package for the those families demonstrating need.

Variety of high school options in the Bay Area

One independent private high school is starting something new in the Bay Area -- no tuition -- for those families who qualify. Marin Academy in San Rafael is offering free tuition -- typically for those families making under $100,000 per year -- in an effort to attract high-achieving and talented students form diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

Whatever a family ultimately chooses, we work closely with students and their parents throughout the high school selection process. January's presentation was the first step that gave an overview of what to plan for and expect in the coming year for the 7th grade families. The next high school event will be on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 6:30pm with a panel discussion with EB alumni from the various high schools.