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Giving Back to the Less Fortunate

Blog Type:  Middle School
Date Posted:  Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Middle School has been actively giving back in November and December to the communities around us.

In November, the Middle School’s Social Responsibility Action Corps (SRAC) braved the smoky air to donate their time serving meals at a local community meal organized through the Berkeley Food and Housing Project. They represented EB well as they served nearly a hundred meals to appreciative individuals. It was a wonderful experience for the students. 6th grade Clara B. wrote afterward:

"Last month I volunteered at a soup kitchen with a club at my school, and it felt good helping others by serving all those people who really needed it. We served over 100 plates to the homeless, and think of what a big difference we could make, if more people pitched in to help them too. While I was at the shelter, I noticed that no one was the dirty animal that some people see when they think of a homeless person.

Playing the harp

One homeless man even played the harp for us as a thank you for helping to serve the meals. He was so happy when we gave him a round of applause that he cried. Later, he told us that he was self-taught because he couldn’t afford to take lessons. Homelessness is a horrible thing, and if we just forget about it, then it will expand, and become worse than ever. We need to become more sensitive to the homeless as humans who need help and deserve dignity."

The group will return for another meal service in January. In addition, SRAC and the Green Council have joined forces and organized a toiletries drive from mid-December to mid-January. All unopened travel-sized toiletries donated are to be given to local homeless shelters.

Camp Fire

In response to the great need left in the wake of the “Camp Fire”, the Student Council sponsored two different fundraisers to help families get back on their feet. A dollar drive, with the goal of each middle school student donating what they could to this cause, began before Thanksgiving and will conclude during the Winter Ball on December 14.

To date, students have raised over $150 and are closing in our goal of $200. Right after the Thanksgiving holiday, the Student Council organized a bake sale to raise funds as well. Thanks to the delicious cookies and other baked goods they offered, and the generosity of the middle school students, over $200 was raised.

Finally, a canned and non-perishable food drive began the first week of December. Along with daily student donations, students brought a can as part of their price of admission to the Winter Ball on the 14. We are grateful for the generosity of our parents and for sense of service of our students.