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EB's First Radio Show

Blog Type:  Web Radio Lower School
Date Posted:  Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Mic is on! Starting this year, students in grades 1 to 5 are introduced to the world of radio production thanks to a new web-radio unit. Two lower school teachers, Sylvie Le Meur and Luc Molitor benefitted from a web radio training via EB’s partnership with the Mission Laique Française earlier this year.

“Doing radio is a great activity for students to develop their oral skills, and in particular their French speaking skills”, says librarian and curriculum coordinator Sylvie Le Meur. Since October, students in various lower school grades have been working on preparing a show that was broadcast on Wednesday, December 19.

The students thought about and wrote their stories, practiced saying it out loud. They also learned about the different radio formats such as a chronicle, an interview, a guess (“devinette”) or a story. This initiative also foster community building at the school as students look to report on events that are happening around them and make sure that the stories are relevant to an EB audience.

Thanks to money donated by parents during the 2017 fund for the future, the school acquired some professional audio recording equipment such as a mixing table, several microphones, computers, and all sort of cables!