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5 Reasons to Attend an Open House

Blog Type:  Preschool
Date Posted:  Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Choosing a school for your child can be a highly emotional process. Families need to gather a lot of information in a short period of time to make an educated assessment about where their children will thrive.

Why should you attend one of Ecole Bilingue’s (EB) admissions events? We have five good reasons:

1. Experience the campus 

There is nothing like physically being in a school to help you imagine your child there. Where do the students play and explore? Is the library big enough? What is on the walls and the tables? Do the children seem engaged and excited to be there?

At EB, we pay a lot of attention to the environment where the children spend their days. Our play yards were renovated over the summer, the mini-gym has new equipment, gardens are continuously maintained, and classrooms are always bright and inviting. During an open house, parents can move around the campus and see all the rooms and areas children frequent on a weekly basis.

2. Get answers to your questions

Prospective families often report that the Q&A session with EB teachers, parents, and middle school students is the highlight of their visit.

Hearing from people who have firsthand experience with the school is the best way to gauge what it’s really like, and determine how it aligns with your expectations. 

3. Find out what makes EB different

Dive into the complexities of our bilingual curriculum, and how EB teaches in two languages.

Head of School Mehdi Lazar explains how the French and English programs work together, how much the children are immersed in the French language, how we make sure their English skills match those of their peers in monolingual schools, and other relevant topics. 

4. Discover the unique traits of EB graduates

Children leaving EB in 8th grade are not only bilingual but literate across multiple cultures. They are well traveled, incredibly accepting of diversity, and ready to make a difference in the world. Students spend an average of eight years at EB, which affords them countless unique opportunities for academic, social-emotional, and personal growth.

5. Meet our mission-driven pets

EB’s chickens—Choupette, Marie, and Jean—are beloved members of the school community who, most days, can be found freely roaming around campus. While the children consider them friends, they also represent EB’s commitment to a greener future.

Students here spend a lot of time outside—actively playing, tending to the vegetable garden with the garden teacher, or participating in a new “eco-school” initiative designed to move the whole school toward more sustainable approaches.

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