Why French?

Why choose to learn French?

French is a world language: 274 million French speakers can’t be wrong!

  • With 274 million speakers, French is the fifth most spoken language on the planet. (source)
  • By 2050, French is projected to be the most-spoken language in the world. (source)
  • There are more French speakers in Africa than in Europe. (source)
  • Along with English, French is the only language spoken on every continent. (source)
  • Along with English, French is the official language of NATO, the United Nations, the ICC, FIFA, OECD, WTO, the African Union… (source)
  • The “Organisation Mondiale de la Francophonie” has 57 member states and 20 observer states worldwide.

French-accredited schools benefit from a world-class curriculum.

  • Like every school in France and all of the more than 400 French-accredited schools worldwide, EB must meet the high standards of the French curriculum – including world history, geography, geometry, and a third language starting in sixth grade. (Our students also cover the full California curriculum.)
  • Not only are all of the teachers in EB’s French program native speakers, but nearly all of them hold credentials through the French education system, i.e. they were trained in the curriculum they are currently teaching.
  • From textbooks to online exercises to learning games, EB’s teachers have access to the full range of resources available to teachers in France. Less time spent building a curriculum equals more time spent focusing on individual classes and individual children.
  • With five French schools around the Bay Area, EB’s faculty has access to a network of local colleagues and participates in trainings with them.
  • EB has more than 35 years of experience balancing a dual curriculum.

Learning French aids a child’s understanding of English and other languages.

  • Approximately 30% of the English lexicon comes from French—which gives bilingual students a considerable edge on standardized tests like the SAT. (Finkenstaedt and Wolff, 1973) 
  • Understanding the grammar and syntax of French helps children understand the structure of English.
  • Key concepts in French transfer easily into all other Latin-based languages: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Latin become a walk in the park.



Bilingual education is an incomparable asset. It makes you citizens of the world, ready to work in several languages, to understand each other in an intercultural dialogue, to open yourself to diversity”. Watch the full speech from the general consul of France in San Francisco during the 8th grade graduation on June 12.