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Being confined at home can be challenging for families. There are struggles around homeschooling and distance learning, children’s emotions that can be heightened during this time, families also worry about keeping their child’s French language skills, or that their child is safe on those new online platforms. Join us on our webinar series with EB experts as we explore and answer these questions.

Watch Past Events

Talking with Children about Racial (In)Justice

Racism has a profound impact on the health and well-being of our students. As cities and social media explode with grief and anger over the killing of another African American man at the hands of police, nationwide protests and calls for justice are creating an opportunity to speak openly with our children. How can parents facilitate conversations about the protests and riots? 

Listen to this webinar from June 10, 2020, presented by: 
  • Christopher Colebourn, Social and Emotional Learning Coach
  • Douglas Gostlin, Middle School Counselor
  • Will Hammond, Parent Chair for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at EB
  • Gabrielle Hedlund, Middle School English Teacher and Advisor
  • Carla Maia, Diversity Coordinator and Lower School Counselor

Facing Uncertainty with our Children

The school year is winding down and families are wondering how to keep children busy this summer when there is no camp, possibly no travel to visit extended family and relatives. This situation is creating a lot of stress and anxiety, especially for parents. 

How do we talk to our children about the uncertainty of the future when we ourselves don't have all the answers? Join EB's Counselors Carla Maia and Douglas Gostlin, and Social and Emotional Learning Coach Christopher Colebourn to exchange ideas and get guidance on this topic.

Parenting in a pandemic: tips to keep the calm at home

Being confined at home since mid-March generates a lot of stress on families. Children exhibit anxiety, tantrums, have difficulty sleeping, are lonely, or disengaged academically. Join the School Counselors and Social and Emotional Learning experts as they outline strategies to understand and manage the rollercoaster of emotions at home.

Supporting my Child's Oral Skills in French at Home

Since schools closed in March 2020, students have less direct interactions with their teachers and classmates. Exposure to a French-speaking (or any second language) environment has decreased, despite the many online and offline resources available. How can parents support their child’s oral second language skills up during remote learning?
Join EB’s Lower School Curriculum Coordinator Maggie Schoon and Lower School Head Sebastien Robert as they outline strategies for success and respond to parent questions in real time.

How to promote a healthy homeschool environment for young children?

One of the challenges parents and guardians face now is how to be successful at homeschooling. Home is typically associated with leisure and play, so it can be a struggle to create a space and habits that keep children engaged with extended schoolwork at home. 

In this webinar, participants hear from three of our in-house experts: our Lower School Counselor Carla Maia, our Lower School Head Sebastien Robert, and our Learning Specialist Camille Trou. They outline strategies for success and respond to parent questions in real time.

This webinar is primarily geared toward parents of children in preschool and early elementary grades (roughly ages 3 to 8).