Middle School Clubs

Middle School Clubs meet weekly during 7th period on Fridays. Clubs are either one quarter or a semester. Some clubs, such as Yearbook and Eco-Gardening, will have a second meeting time, either after school or at lunch. Students choose their top three club choices. Nostudent is guaranteed their first choice, but we will do our best for everyone.

The SRAC Club with Jennifer Hammond.

Yearbook with Gabrielle Hedlund

This is a semester commitment. Yearbook staff designs and builds all the MS pages as well as LS class pages. You get to help decide baby photos or selfies. What’s In, What’s Out! You’ll learn to take photos and write captions, too. It’s a fun but demanding club! (We will have one after school meeting time, as well.)

Eco-Gardening with Daniel Distante & Gabrielle Hedlund

Come discover the wonders of the Nature via taking part in the age-long activity of gardening!! You will gain both a scientific and an experiential understanding of the natural world around you. And of course you learn how to grow your own food and even make delicious meals and snacks.
(Optional lunch session for watering, weeding.)

Green Council with Jamie Bascom

Are you interested in being part of a long-term project to benefit our school and community? Are you concerned about the environment? Green council is an opportunity work with a team to plan and implement a project to protect and sustain the environment. As well working on a long-term project, Green Council will organize an environment awareness day and field trips to local wetlands, forests and beaches. One semester commitment.

Itinéraire de Découverte - Flag Football with Coach Rodriguez & Ender Choo

This is a next level thinking of Flag Football.  So if you love football 24/7, this class is for you!  Outside of playing America’s favorite pastime and sport, written tests will be given to show what you have learned.  This is a great way to improve game and knowledge no matter what your skill level currently is.  Go Jaguars!

Piñata with Patricia Camacho & Aurélia Filato

Making “Piñatas” gives the students the opportunity to work in groups and use their creativity to combine shapes, colors, and textures as well as practice some vocabulary in Spanish. Breaking the piñata is the culmination of this handcraft. Second quarter only.

ISEE Prep with Corinne Pluche & Russ Whismore

This is a commitment until the day of the exam in January. This class will focus on getting ready for the standardized tests ISEE and HSPT needed for private high schools admission. Math and English will be covered.

Ciné-club with Valérie Bishop & Emmanuel Labadie

You will discover non-mainstream movies and discuss them (in French).

Mindfulness with Aurélia Filato & Patricia Camacho

This is a “Stress Free Spot Club” We will cover: Yoga, meditation, relaxation, massage, etc. The students will have the opportunity to slow down after a busy week. First quarter only.

Social Responsibility Action Corps (SRAC) with Jennifer Hammond

As a member of SRAC, you will plan and take on activities to make your school and local community a better place. Previous projects include campus beautification, raising money for children with cancer, running a clothes drive for a homeless shelter, gathering school supplies for kids in foster care, and raising money to go on fieldtrips that serve our community. This is a one semester commitment only.

Rights to protect Against Injustice and Stereotypes (RAIS) - Student-led club

RAIS’s mission is to “fight stereotypes by raising awareness and to help other injustices in the world.” RAIS met weekly to discuss how they could take action in response to stereotyping comments or injustices they noticed within their own environment. Through two separate fundraisers—a dance and a bake sale—RAIS raised over $300, which they donated to the Kids in Need foundation. They were honored to receive this award: they believe strongly that it is up to them as Middle School students to fight injustice and create change and that if they continue to do so, our world will become a better place. RAIS was the recipient of the Citizenship Awards 2017.

TEDx Youth At EB

Every year in November, Ecole Bilingue hosts a TEDxYouth conference. The event features Middle School students on stage as well as experts from the outside. The speakers give talks on specific topics and take part in hands-on activities. The TEDxYouth conference is one of the highlights of the year for Middle Schoolers. Learn more about the TEDx Youth conference on the dedicated website.