The Music Program

Music is taught by classroom teachers through first grade, and instruction with a music specialist begins in second grade. Read about the music program here (insert link).  The Music class is taught from G2 to G5, in French for 50 minutes once a week. The children have the opportunity to perform on stage 2 or 3 times a year during several events, including Grandparents’ and Friends’ Day, Opera à la Carte, the Chorale de la Baie, and the end of year Music Show.

Skills - Students at EB will learn to:

  • Sing and perform by heart a great variety of songs in French, English, or other languages.
  • Use the songs to embody French Language through games on articulation, intonation, phonics, and accentuation of the texts
  • Adopt a good posture, control breathing and vocal production
  • Play an instrument

○     G2: xylophones and small percussions

○      G3: recorder, xylophones, small percussions

○      G4: recorder, ukulele, percussions, djembes

○      G5: ukulele, percussions, djembes

  • Know the music alphabet in French (do, ré, mi, etc.) and in English (A, B, C…)
  • Know basic chords and different kind of strummings
  • Repeat a rhythmic pattern with a steady pulse in a polyphonic piece
  • Listen to music and watch music video of great Artists to get inspired, discover famous Singers and Music Composers such as: Alain Schneider, Juliette Greco,  IZ, Louis Armstrong, Pascal Parisot, Les p’tits loups du jazz, Queen, Thomas Fersen, Sidney Bechett, Charles Trenet, Frank Sinatra, Alain Souchon, ACDC, Edith Piaf, Jacques Higelin, etc.

Learn a musical vocabulary (tempo, dynamics, instruments, etc.) and different styles of Music (Jazz, Opera, Symphony, Rock, etc.)